R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T079

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Type: Panzer II Armament: 20mm
Built: Aug 2011 Armor: 80mm
Builder: John Pittelli Rating: 30/4
Status: Operational Battles: 28
Owner: John Pittelli Points Earned: 84,023
Call Sign: Abomination Points Given: 29,750
  • Aluminium hull
  • Cogged TTS track
  • Right-angle drill motors
  • C12C Control System

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    Having chosen this cool looking tank we started as always with a 1/35 scale drawing and then making cardboard templates. The measurements were then transferred to the aluminum sheet. If you look closely you'll see quite a few holes around the perimeter. These were for securing 4 sheets together. Since we were building two tanks at the same time it made cutting the parts easier and they would all match.

    The cam that you see is to tension the idler wheel axle. Frank came up with the idea. He also did the welds on the aluminum parts. It has been quite interesting working with aluminum instead of the wood that I've used on my past tanks. Much more space available inside both the hull and the turret.

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    The heart of the might PzKw II Auusf J. Dewalt 18 volt right angle drill motors. Ignore the mounting brackets. It's been changed quite a bit.

    Foreground of this picture contains the threaded sleeve which was built to mount the drive sprocket. As you'll see later, we made a new longer version. Something to do with building a housing to protect the motors should something like a Tyng Tech vehicle ram the drive sprockets.

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    The master drive sprocket. Frank did an excellent job figuring the tooth number and angles for the teeth.

    The new drive axle and sprockets. The gap of course is for the tooth on the inner portion of the track . Keeps everything very stable.

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    Here we see the bolstered motor mounts. There are 2 heavy duty bearings. If you look closely you will see the one next to the motor. The other is next to the inner wall of the hull. The theory is that if the Tyng Tech vehicle imparts trauma to the front sprockets, the motor mounts and bearings will bear the force and spare the motors.

    The fleshing out of the tank starts to take place. Outer fenders are being added. You can see the treadmill track for one side has been completed. We cast both the inner tooth pad and the outer pad in resin. Looks sweet eh? Yes, I used some wood for the main deck. We used one of the wooden visors to make a mold and then cast those in resin also. Why you might ask? Cause it was fun. LOL.

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    Turret and mantle. We machined round billet aluminum for the outer and inner pivots. Two pieces of pvc were cut to match the curve of the mantle. And yes, I'm installing a 68 cal marker instead of the 50 that Paul used.

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