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Tank #T079

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Mar.22,2014 Here's the new motor and it is plenty strong. Preliminary testing shows rock steady performance.

Motor installed, limits switches for range of motion and securely bolted to turret via blind nuts. Next week will hook up to ESC . Stay tuned for the video.

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June 2014 Update: My hurriedly assembled original feed tube support could only survive 3 years. Parts became unaligned during the spring battle. The hose clamp being used to secure the gun kept hitting the stanchion or the copper tube . Solution 1. 2 Zip ties to secure the marker to the elevate support. Easy off and easy on. Solution 2. Replace stanchion assembly with 1 clip and a small set screw. Clip came from McMasre Carr, tool holder clip. With the stanchion removed, the marker and attached co2 hose come out easily.

Aug.17,2014 Well the feed needed a little tweaking. As you can see, another clamp was added to keep the proper down angle. Also, a rear plate was added behind the marker. The zip ties being used did not have enough grip to keep the marker from sliding back during live fire. That led to misalignment up front and no ammo being fed. The new hopper is discussed in the next picture.

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Aug. 17,2014 In the interest of parity I undertook this project. Knowing that my fellow tankers felt bad having a 10 round advantage in ammo over the Abomination, I decided find a way to expand the capacity. A discussion one day at work regarding putting larger pistons into an existing engine block provided the inspiration. So, dremel in hand, I bored out the cupola to make more room. The existing footprint of the cupola allowed another 1/2" in diameter to be added. That then led to seeing if the Tiger 1 hopper would fit. It was actually too narrow. So, we made a new hopper to fit the specs needed. And voila, T-79 can now carry the full 40 rounds. My fellow tankers may now rest easy and not have to fret that they had an advantage. Isn't parity wonderful?

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