R/C Tank Combat


The R/C Tank Combat hobby isn't just about building scale models that shoot paintballs, it's also about the teamwork required to build and operate a successful fighting force. Individual battlers get wiped out easily ... well-coordinated teams thrive and survive. The following teams currently exist at various stages of development:

Maryland Attack Group (MAG)
As the first team in the hobby, the Maryland Attack Group has built a strong foundation for battlefield tactics and workshop engineering. MAG members have invented many of the systems and building techniques currently used in the hobby, and they have made the designs and lessons learned available to everyone in the hobby.

Canadian Tank Division (CTD)
The Canadian Tank Division (aka. Northern Barbarians) occupies the vast northern areas of North America. Although the territory is large and rugged, CTD members are equal to the challenge and are actively building armored vehicles to defend their homeland.

The Netherlands Tankers (TNT)
Although we just started our European based group, we are working hard on getting our tanks battle-ready. We live in the Netherlands and are hoping more teams will join the fun and start a team. Come on fellow Europeans, bring it on!

Australian Panzer Force (APF)
The Australian Panzer Force roams the vast lands of Southern Australia, protecting their homeland from all intruders. Although their numbers are small and young, they are highly motivated and energetic.

Florida Panzer Corps (FPC)
The Florida Panzer Corps consists of a small, but elite group of battlers in Florida devoted to building the best armored vehicles in the hobby.

Defenders of the Old Dominion (DOD)
The Defenders of the Old Dominion stand ready to repel all tyrants and any others who would threaten the Mother of States.

King's Own Regiment (KOR)
"We will fight them on the beaches. We will fight them on the streets and landing-grounds." The elite armoured force known as the King's Own Regiment is ready to give Johnny Foreigner a taste of British paint!