Although we just started our European based group, we are working hard on getting our tanks battle-ready. We live in the Netherlands, and are hoping more teams will join the fun and start a team. Come on fellow Europeans, bring it on!

Team Member Location Vehicles
Jaap-Arjen Krol Suameer (NL) Kingtiger
Sigismund Koster Arnhem (NL) Tiger 1 (T032)
Marc Methorst Apeldoorn (NL) Leopard 1 (T028)
Willem-Jan van der Togt Amersfoort (NL) AMX 10RC, Hummer (SV007)

Left to right: Sigi with his Tiger barrel on WJ's AML-90, WJ and his AML-90 & Hummvee, Jaap and his King Tiger hull and Marc with the StuG.