R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T056

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Type: Vickers Armament: 105mm
Built: 2007 Armor: 14mm
Builder: Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos Rating: 40/2
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Harry Kane Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Unknown Points Given: 0
  • Door Hinge Tracks
  • Low-Profile Marker Assembly

  • This is a 1:6 scale 105 mm gun on a captured Vickers Tankette. The hull is built entirely from aluminum plates, cut on hydro-jet and welded together. After an adventurous career and a number of modifications, first as a TKS Polish Tankette and then as a Japanese tankette with the wrong suspensions.

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    The hull was designed with a 3D modeling tool to play with different configurations.

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    Overall the weight is 19 -20 kgrs without the marker . Full weight is 23 kgrs. As the contact surface of the track is wider than it is long, she skids very easily. This is a swift, nifty vehicle, that runs 7.5 kms/hour on rough terrain. The wheels are steel wheels from trolleys and the tracks made of successive hinges. These are engaged on pins through teh drive wheels. After a year's week after week runs and battles everything holds very nicely.

    She now carries on the front an extra battery for the cooling fans and 10 Amph lipo batteries, for lack of space.

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    The upper hull is from 1 mm thick aluminum sheets, riveted and glued together. All in all the thin aluminium plates save me lots of space inside the small hull.

    This part hosts Doug's LOPPEM system with a VL Brawler marker. LOPPEM stands for Low Profile Electronic Marker and it is only 13 - 13.5 cms tall , including the hopper or feeding tray, depending on the model. It has proven a reliable system, elevated by a servo with a toqrue of 15 kgr/cm, and tested on rough terrains.

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    The Tankette usually wins most battles, except when she's operated by me. She's a small and swift target, about the size of a Tiger's turret, with a 105 mm gun on it!.

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