R/C Tank Combat

Battle Reports

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Gettysburg 2016 (August 13-14, 2016)
The largest R/C Tank Combat battle ever held, any where in the world, with 15 different battlers and 15 different assets participating.

Epic Weekend (August 22-23, 2015)
A two-day event with plenty of action with zombies, a driving/shooting skill test, Smith Clan civil war and a classic village battle.

Spring 2015 (June 7, 2015)
Zombies continue to roam the country-side with a couple new twists.

Zombie War (October 26, 2014)
Zombie tanks roam the country-side waiting to be sent to their final resting place, but they can only be killed if four different assets hit them.

Bad Debt (August 24, 2014)
In a world gone mad, a routine debt collection activity turns into total chaos as The "Smith" Clan shows what it means to fight as a family. Seasoned corporate battlers go up against a new generation of battlers not driven buy money or ideology.

Man Down (May 18, 2014)
The FOA Tiger debuts in battle and one rookie is introduced to one of the more subtle aspects of the hobby.

British Invasion (Sept 28-29, 2013)
A member of the British Royal family, Princess Susie, made a surprise visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the U.S. to meet with pensioners and school children to discuss a wide range of issues. The meetings were held on September 28-29, 2013 at a undisclosed location for security reasons. The Pennsylvania Urban Fighting Force (PUFF) planned to disrupt the meetings and rescue teams were mobilized.

Joie de vivre (August 4, 2013)
Foreign and domestic aid pours into the U.K. R/C battling community, lifting membership ranks and spirits. In celebration, a small scale war with plenty of carnage was waged in a well-kept garden, pitting the "Bottom Garden Boom Band" against the "Patio Prancers".

POW Rescue (June 23, 2013)
Three key personnel held in a POW camp deep inside enemy territory, guarded by heavy armored vehicles, a 16-inch naval gun and operators willing to take a lot of paint to keep them there. Coming to the rescue, specialists from Norris-Stallone Associates (NSA) who have all the intelligence and firepower they need to start World War III, if necessary. Will the POWs be rescued in time?

Bonus Day (October 27, 2012)
With the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Fall Battle cancelled because of a freak Halloween snow storm and the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Fall Battle threatened by overcast skies (and lots of hype) preceeding Hurricane Sandy, any battles actually conducted would be considered a bonus by all of the attendees. As it turned out, not only were some good battles fought, but everyone had tons of fun playing some new scenarios.

A Bridge Too Far (September 22, 2012)
A swarm of tankers and cattle descended on a farm in Hampstead, Maryland to feast on a bumper crop of paintballs. The battlefield was amongst the most interesting ever used, with no less than three bridges across a creek running right down the middle of the battlefield and plenty of open and protected areas on both sides. For the first time ever a single-shot rocket launcher was used during the battle.

OlympIain (August, 2012)
Battling in a small backyard has some disadvantages, but that didn't stop some battle veterans and a first-time battler from having some fun during the summer of the London Olympics.

Negotiations (June 2-3, 2012)
When the veterans of the R/C Tank Combat hobby have some rule changes to discuss the resulting negotiations are almost always a multi-colored event, with paint and proposals flying in all directions. Such was the case during a 2-day event held at the Gettysburg Conference Center which included four battles, four sit-down meals, a rules discussion and a knock-down, drag-out game of Risk.

Private War (June 12, 2011)
With governments around the world in tail-spins because of over-spending and mis-management it falls on the private sector to carry more of the responsibilities to safeguard society. So, when terrorist elements were holding hostages in a remote province of Pennsylvania (just over the Maryland border) it fell on the shoulders of two private contractors to come to the rescue. Save the hostages, wipe out the enemy, make some cash. God Bless America.

A No Hope (April 16, 2011 and October 16, 2011)
A long time ago (16 April) in a galaxy far away (near Stoke on Trent) a small band of rebels met to overthrow the evil Empire and incidentally throw a whole load of paintballs at each other.

Moors Marderes (October 10, 2010)
Land Sharks could cause havoc on a battlefield full of infantry, but don't cause much concern for armored vehicles. UK battlers use the chance to clear the air of office politics.

Burton upon Trent (August 14-15, 2010)
The latest flare of unrest in the UK took place in a picturesque town where a strange breed of fighting machines roamed the country-side. The battle has come to be called "Burton Upon Trent, Otto's Freedom Fighters" or "BUT,OFF" for short.

Glass Ceiling (May 29, 2010)
R/C Tank Combat has long been dominated by battlers of the male persuasion, but that Glass Ceiling was shattered on this day when two women joined the fray and laid waste to any vehicle that dared to cross their paths. They weren't just sending lots of pink paint down-range, they were shooting at anything that moved and hitting enough things to make everyone take notice.

War In The Woods II (May 8-9, 2010)
Albert Tacklebottom has been sent by the Funky Tank Foundry Managing Director to Surrey to find the "chosen one". The "one" who will bring everlasting hope ... the hope of many more years of war in the UK.

Anarchy In The UK (April 17, 2010)
The FTF has had to suffer a most disastrous event. Once proud foundry workers are now forced to lower their heads and admit defeat as the new HQ has been shown to be far less secure than once belived. Three opportunist tank commanders (two complete newbies) saw their chance to strike at the mighty Funky Foundry and succeeded beyond their dreams.

War In The Woods (September 5-6, 2009)
Unfortunate Eric is on the run from the authorities and becomes trapped in the woods of Surry. Forces on both sides rally to once again defend what they believe to be the truth.

Summer Skirmish (July 11-12, 2009)
Opposing forces throughout Great Britian converge on Chelmsford to contest who would control the remnants of the British Empire. Read all the battle details from first-hand letters from the front.

Corporate Takeover (May 2, 2009)
With governments around the globe focused solely on the economic turmoil that they helped to create, corporate leaders are essentially on their own to make their way through the economic minefield and lead their companies to greener pastures. With that in mind, it should be no surprise to our regular readers that two of the most powerful corporations in the R/C Tank Combat world are once again squaring off. On or about May 2, 2009 at 10am Maryland-based Tri-Pact Global Industries, LLC (TPGI) will undertake a hostile takeover of the Pennsylvania-based YomamaDyne Technologies, Inc (YT). Unlike most corporate takeovers, however, which are negotiated in the boardroom, this takeover will be negotiated on the battlefield.

October Revolution (October 19, 2008)
After the Chelmsford Conflict, there was little we could do. We were short of supplies, and more importantly, firepower. A dire situation for most of us. And then the order came to start withdrawing. Forces were spread thinly and we needed to regroup. We started retreating, towards the South-West at first, but we met resistance time and time again. It was now the start of September, and the leaves were beginning to turn. All that we knew was that before too long, we would be back out there, battling against the King's Own Regiment, fighting for freedom.

Gettysburg 2008 (October 4, 2008)
In a world confused by the fog of economic turmoil, a few intrepid tankers go behind enemy lines to steal gold from a heavily defended casino. Read all about the exploits of those zany tanks that fire, of all things, paint. An all-star cast. Full of action and suspense.

Chelmsford Conflict (July 27, 2008)
We are at war. With rising fuel prices, and no sign of stopping, the public are angry. In a desperate attempt to cut their prices Enter the King's Own Regiment (KOR) - a rapidly growing extremist party, whose radical policies appealed to the masses, causing governmental concern. One of the towns divided by the conflict was Chelmsford, in the heart of the Essex countryside, where several loyalists were in the process of restoring an old, battle-scarred Challenger 2 to former glory. Technicians were mustered and a major restoration process began. Several days later, the government attacked the KOR to the north of Chelmsford.

Green War (June 7, 2008)
Representing an ultra-militant faction within the Green movement, the Maryland Attack Group declared war on the Pennsylvania Urban Fighting Force for "crimes against the environment stemming from a complete disregard for nature and the world we live in". This titanic struggle between good and evil took place on June 7th on a small farm in Jessup Maryland. Little did anyone know that the heat would be the only true winner.

Low Lands Border Conflict (Feb 9, 2008)
In anticipation of a larger Northern European conflict expected in May 2008, a couple of veteran members met on a goat farm to battle their tanks for the first time. They learned a lot about what it takes to keep tanks battling and also how much fun can be had even with technical problems. No goats were harmed during the event.

1st Battle of Britain (Dec 30, 2007)
The first official European tank battle pitted three English gentlemen against each other in the soggy countryside. Despite some mechanical failures, vehicles were destroyed, mission points were earned and fun was had by all.

1st Greek Battle (Dec 26, 2007)
The first un-official European battle was waged today in a junkyard between two light tanks. Although the tanks don't qualify under the construction rules to be officially designated, they definitely portray the spirit of the hobby and provide just as much fun.

Teamster Turmoil (Oct 6, 2007)
Anvilus Machine Works announced that it would be providing Marlow & Son with a new supply vehicle leasing agreement to replace the aging M520 Goer provided by Tri-Pact Trucking. The local teamsters union and the shady Pittelli family threatened to make trouble, possibly resulting in an all out conflict in the Anvilus neighborhood.

The Uprising (June 9-10, 2007)
A shocking development threatens to turn the R/C Tank Combat world on end with the possibility of a bloody civil war in the Maryland area. Although details are sketchy, it has been confirmed that a large faction of battlers in the Maryland area have vowed to overthrow the current regime on June 9-10 in Waldorf, Maryland.

Fall Brawl 2006 (October 28-29, 2006)
As summer ends and the leaves begin to fall what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with an all out war!!! On October 28-29, the Maryland Attack Group hosted Fall Brawl 2006 in St. Charles, Maryland pitting wily veterans against an ever increasing group of crafty rookies, in some of the closest and most destructive battles fought to date.

The Intervention (June 17, 2006)
Members of the Maryland Attack Group grew increasingly concerned that Mr. Tyng may have been subjected to various mind altering substances during his visit to The Netherlands. To that end, the Maryland Attack Group hosted an intervention for Mr. Tyng on Saturday, June 17th, in St. Charles, Maryland. The intervention drew together over a dozen close friends skilled in various techniques of "paint therapy".

Risk Revenge (May 20, 2006)
Playing a board game might be fun, especially if you can conquer the world, but battling on a real battlefield is so much more fun. Paintballs fly and a record number of tanks show up for the first battle of the season in Maryland.