Plastic Track Notes
by Joe Sommer

The specifications for the plastic tracks used on the Hetzer are as follows:

Intralox plastic conveyor belt
Series 900 Mold to Width
1.07 inch pitch
3.25 inch wide OR 4.5 inch wide
flush grid (holes in surface) OR flat top (solid surface)
with tracking tabs
gray polypropylene material (also available in acetal)
molded 12T acetal sprockets (4.1 inch DIA)

See for more details.

Price is $7.00 per foot for this conveyor belt. Unfortunately, you must buy Intralox conveyor in boxes with 10 foot lengths. Price is about the same for either size and either surface. Acetal material versus polypropylene is a little more expensive.

You will need four 12T sprockets. They are available with 1 to 1.5 inch round bores or 1.5 inch square bores. See "12T drive sprocket" at about how to modify the sprockets to fit between the tracking tabs.

It is VERY important to order tracking tabs on the conveyor belt to keep the track on the road wheels.

The following road wheels fit nicely between the tracking tabs:

5.5 DIA x 1.375 inch wide x 1/2 inch bore  - American Science and Surplus
5.0 DIA x 1.250 inch wide x 1/2 inch bore (polypropylene) - McMaster-Carr
4.0 DIA x 1.250 inch wide x 1/2 inch bore (polypropylene) - McMaster-Carr
5.0 DIA x 1.250 inch wide x 1/2 inch bearing (phenolic) - McMaster-Carr

Components used on Hetzer T010

3.25 inch wide conveyor
Series 900 3.25" MTW flush grid grey PP with tabs
10 ft = $69.30
QTY = 20 ft

12T sprocket with 1.5 inch square bore
Series 900 4.1" 12T sprocket, acetal, 1.5 square bore
$17.37 each
QTY = 4