R/C Tank Combat

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One of the true pleasures of the R/C Tank Combat hobby is watching large scale tank models in action on the field. In many cases the tanks move, sound and react just like their full-scale brethren. This video archive attempts to provide you with a feel for how the vehicles move during field-trials and battle conditions. However, you can't really get a complete picture unless you actually see them in person, so plan now to attend a battle near you. But, in the meantime enjoy what you see here:
Field Tests
Full Scale Footage
Battle In The Badlands (October 25-26, 2003)
Maryland Massacre (June 12-13, 2004)
Bon Voyage Battle (October 30, 2004)
The Intervention (June 17, 2006)

Field Tests

Panzer IV Motor Test (MPEG, 1.3 MB)
(October 2003) Field tests of the Panzer's new drive system yield excellent results, as can be seen by this gun-camera footage.

Panzer IV Hunting Prey (MPEG, 1.4 KB)
(October 2003) The Panzer IV hunts down a rare and elusive prey, as seen through the eyes of the gunner.

Stuart Cargo Hauling Test (WMV, 1 MB)
(January 2004) Ted's wife shot a little video of the M5 Stuart in action pulling 60lbs of kids in a little-red-wagon on the concrete and grass.

T-34 Almost Climbs Stairs (MPEG, 128 KB)
(February 2004) Steve Tyng's T-34 shows the effectiveness of its drive system and tracks during a winter field test.

T-34 In Rough Terrain (MPEG, 368 KB)
(February 2004) The T-34 tears through some thick ivy and scales landscape timbers without a problem.

Goer Steering Trial (MPEG, 720 KB)
(February 2004) The final demonstration of the day was the first field test of the Tyng/Tri-Pact experimental M520 Goer.

Goer Off-Road Problems (MPEG, 1.6 MB)
(February 2004) Although it successfully rolled down the road and turned "ok", it was clear that the Goer needs some additional traction (rougher tires and more weight in the tractor should do the trick -- we hope) and needs a properly installed (and maybe stiffer) set of springs to control turning.

Stuart Test Firing (WMV, 1.9 MB)
(February 2004) The video shows the elevation of the Stuart's gun and firing the marker at a target. Look for the hits just to the left of the commander's head. The machine gun can also be heard firing as the cannon elevates.

Tiger Field Test (MPEG, 928 KB)
(April 2004) The venerable Tiger-1 shows off it's new power, drive and control system in a rough terrain field test.

Panzer IV Track Test (MPEG, 880 KB)
(April 2004) The Panzer IV tests the Intralox track system.

KV-1 Field Test (MPEG, 1 MB)
(April 2004) The KV-1 was rolled out for its first rough terrain field test at the secluded Tri-Pact Test Facility.

Tri-Pact Battle Tactics (MPEG, 544 KB)
(April 2004) The Pittelli Brothers practice their battle formation and tactics with rapid, precise team work.

Panzer IV Gun Camera Footage (MPEG, 1.9 MB)
(June 2004) Gun camera footage taken while the Panzer IV drives around during a field test, rotating the turret and firing the gun.

Hetzer Goes Hollywood (FLASH) (removed from website)
(July 2004) Joe Sommer's Hetzer has attracted the attention of a defense contractor, Chatten Associates, as part of a prototype human/robot vision system. Just goes to show some of the leading edge capabilities represented by vehicles in the hobby.

Leopard Unloaded (WMV, 827 KB) (removed from website)
(October 2004) Marc Methorst unloads his 1/5 scale Leopard from the back of his truck and prepares for it's initial field trials.

Test Pilot Jennifer (WMV, 614 KB)
(October 2004) Jennifer Methorst steers the Leopard around the course.

Test Pilot Jennifer (WMV, 553 KB)
(October 2004) Kevin Methorst shows the turning ability of the Leopard on dirt.

T034 Tracks Flapping (MPG, 1.5MB)
(Jan 2005) Once one track was installed on T034, the builder couldn't resist hooking up the power. Although he was worried the teeth would be torn off, the worst thing to happen was the track flapping around.

T034 Tracks and Tranny (MPG, 2.4MB)
(Jan 2005) You can see the belt, chain and tracks running here. The chain seems to be loose but I don't think I can take out another half link.

T034 First Donuts (MPG, 2.7MB)
(Jan 2005) Motor controller? Fuse? Bah! Connect motor to battery and let her tear up the lawn. The shutdown process is a little tricky - think "matador".

T030 Field Test #1 (MP4, 1.5MB)
(Jan 2005) Tiger tank T030 moves under it's own power for the first time, successfully navigating around the testing grounds.

T030 Field Test #2 (MP4, 1.9MB)
(Jan 2005) Tiger T030 has no problem performing full skid turns as demonstrated in this clip.

T030 Climbing Bricks (MP4, 963KB)
(Jan 2005) T030 loves climbing over things although the drive wheels are still slipping a little bit. Once that problem is resolved more climbing!

T030 Off Road (MP4, 1.0MB)
(Jan 2005) This is a good example of how powerful large scale tanks can be! T030 likes off roading. Who needs a gardener?

T030 Gun Firing (WMV, 325KB)
(Feb 2005) The first test firing of Chris Barthelson's homemade cannon for T030 is a success. The ammo being used are berries, which are basically the same size as paintballs.

Leopard On The Prowl (WMV, 6.2MB)
(Mar 2005) Marc Methorst's 1/5 scale Leopard is tested in the woods. It was very wet and cold the car and trailer got stuck in the mud, but is was well worth it! The tank drove as expected, it lived up to the expectations very well.

Cromwell Road Rage (1.9Mb, MPG)
(Mar 2006) The Cromwell shows off its road speed on a smooth surface with the Tiger hull maintaining a firing posture for practice.

Cromwell Surrounded (764Kb, MPG)
(Mar 2006) The Germans demonstrate how they intend to surround the speedy Brit whenever possible, while Steve demonstrates his smooth and speedy rotate control.

High Speed Turns (3.0Mb, MPG)
(Mar 2006) Although we never battle on such smooth surfaces, the crowd loves to see the armored equivalent of the popular "drifting" sport.

Low Rider Brit (4.4Mb, MPG)
(Mar 2006) Holy jumping beans. The Cromwell's suspension and proportional speed control allows it to perform some crowd pleasing moves, even though they probably don't have much purpose on the battlefield.

Turn vs. Pivot (4.9Mb, MPG)
(Mar 2006) The Tiger and the Cromwell demonstrate two different ways to conduct a battle. Turning and pivoting are both valuable tactics when used properly.

Full Scale Footage

Put Tiger In Your Tank (Flash, 9.9MB)
Even the mighty Tiger tank needs to stop for refueling occassionally, as depicted in this video production from Finland.

Bad Parking Spot (MPG, 8MB)
If you're ever near the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, Virginia be sure to park only in the designated areas, lest you see first hand how they enforce the "no parking" zones.

Hot Hand (MPG, 32MB)
There's not a lot of poker played at the AAF Tank Museum but that doesn't mean that don't hold a hot hand once in a while.

What A Marker!! (MPG, 5MB)
The quest for more and more powerful paintball markers continues to push the hobby into uncharted territories.

Don't Try This At Home (MPG, 3.6MB)
Unless you're licensed to own and operate fully automatic weapons, you probably don't hear gun fire like this too often.

Battle In The Badlands (October 25-26, 2003)

Gun Rotating & Firing (MPEG, 559 KB)
Gun camera footage of the Panzer IV moving around the battlefield and firing at the opposing forces.

Panzer Attacking Hetzer (MPEG, 415 KB)
The Panzer IV attacks the Hetzer, moving closer to deliver the final blows, as seen from the gunner's perspective.

Support Vehicle Carries Operator (MPEG, 1.3 MB)
The U.N. Support Vehicle powered by four Kiddie Car Motors (KCMs) is strong enough to carry Mike Blattau back to the pit area after a battle.

Joe Sommer Interview (MPEG, 847 KB)
Joe Sommer talks about some of the technology in the Hetzer and states that no new improvements are needed.

Maryland Massacre (June 12-13, 2004)

It's War (MPEG, 2.7 MB)
As war begins, the Red team charges out of their home base, with the video camera and the General riding on top of the Panzer IV. We see the Panzer move into a defensive position while the T34 and Hetzer proceed downfield. Then, the Panzer begins the long-range shelling of the Tiger which can be seen moving across the field towards the grasslands.

Victory (MPEG, 1.1 MB)
The Panzer IV makes its way towards the motel so that the General and the Harlot can meet. The Tiger attempts to foil the plan, but cannot stop the Red team from completing the mission.

Direct Hit (MPEG, 2.7 MB)
The camera case takes a direct paintball hit courtesy of the Tiger. Despite the goo, the camera keeps rolling, recording the sounds of the battle as the Panzer engages the opposition.

Tiger In The Fog (MPEG, 1.0 MB)
This isn't the clearest video clip, but it is an interesting view of a close-up battle. (Anyone who thinks they'll be using a wireless video camera to control their tank in battle should study this video closely.)

Battlers March (MP4, 43 MB)
This is a relatively long video clip (almost 6 minutes) that shows the start of the fourth battle with the Blue and Red teams tearing out of home base as fast as possible to capture the sole supply truck in the middle of the field. After being hit by the Hetzer, the Goer returns to the Blue home base to begin making supply runs. Meanwhile, the T34 and Tiger attack and kill the SU-100 caught in the middle of the field without support. The Tiger returns to the Blue side to guard the Goer as it makes supply runs and the T34 re-loads. The Red team advances slowly but doesn't go past mid-field with the T34 and Hetzer on both sides.

The KV-1 attacks the Hetzer and gains the advantage at first with a quick spin move, but the tide soon turns and the Hetzer and T34 combine to kill the KV-1. With the T34 advancing on the left, the Tiger advances on the right, but gets caught on a rock. The SU-100 finishes off the Tiger before the T34 can provide support.

Sounds Of Victory (MPEG, 1.4 MB)
The battlefield sounds are just as interesting as the sights. In this clip, we follow the KV-1 around the field as it works its way towards scoring some hits on the Hetzer. Listen to the sounds of the KV-1's roller chain track and the rat-a-tat-tat of the guns.

Gang Bang (MPEG, 2.2 MB)
The Panzer IV, SU-100 and KV-1 gang up on the Goer (operated by Joe) and the Hetzer (operated by Marty) in an example of how not to get caught in the middle of the field.

Who Is Chasing Who (MPEG, 2.0 MB)
The SU-100 pesters the Hetzer so that the KV-1 can score a medium range shot. Just then, the KV-1 becomes the prey as the T34 comes up from behind. Fortunately for Paul, Steve wasn't operating the T34 and the KV-1 and SU-100 regain control of the situation.

Bon Voyage Battle (October 30, 2004)

The following video clips were taken during the second battle by Tom Tanner.

Panzer Marketing Clip (MP4, 1.1 MB)
You can build an entire marketing campaign around shots like this one. The Panzer IV bursts through the tall grass and moves out toward the enemy. The box on top of the Panzer turret is another camera to provide the reverse angle view.

Tiger Digs In (MP4, 1.9 MB)
The T-34 forces the Tiger to dig into a defensive position while awaiting support, which then arrives to cause the T-34 to retreat.

Hetzer Stuck (MP4, 2.6 MB)
The Hetzer (operated by Steve Tyng) is "high-centered" after it is driven over a 6-inch tall boulder and can only pivot in place while the other team closes in. If you look closely, 4 seconds into the clip an orange flash can be seen directly over the Hetzer, which is the results of a paintball hit on the sloped armor being directed upwards. Interestingly, the same boulder was snagged by T001 in the Maryland Massacre as can be seen in Battlers March (MP4, 43 MB).

Hetzer Killed (MP4, 1.3 MB)
With the KV-1 and Tiger-1 in a perfect 90 degree attack position, it doesn't take long to score three hits on the disabled Hetzer that can only spin and await its fate.

Howitzer Hits Tiger (MP4, 1.8 MB)
Under the skillfull control of Nathan Blattau, the 155mm Howitzer sitting just outside the Red Team home base scores a long-range hit on the Tiger in the middle of the battlefield. That paintball just caught the front of the Tiger's cupola.

Blue Team Attacks (MP4, 5.8 MB)
In a well-coordinated attack, three tanks from the Blue Team advance towards the Red Team home base, while the Goer moves the Pak 40 to a better firing position. The KV-1 holds down the right flank, while the Tiger moves down the left flank and the Panzer IV pushes up the middle.

Tiger Covers KV-1 (MP4, 3.2 MB)
After an aggressive defense by the Red Team, with massive fire support from the 155mm Howitzer, the KV-1 has three hits (one shy of being destroyed) and needs to retreat to a safer position. The Tiger covers the retreat of the KV-1 as the Hetzer and T-34 close in. Both tanks, however, soon stop their advance as they come within the range of Marty's Pak 40. At the same time that Frank is yelling "light 'em up Marty" you can hear Nathan telling his teammates that they are running into a trap.

Red Team Counter-Attacks (MP4, 3.8 MB)
With the KV-1 destroyed and the Pak-40 out of ammo, the Red Team counter attacks and drives the remaining Blue Team tanks back to their side of the field.

Tiger Jousts With T-34(MP4, 2.5 MB)
The Tiger and T-34 joust over a nameless piece of ground somewhere on the battlefield while both wait for reinforcements.

Hetzer On The Attack (MP4, 5.9 MB)
In typical fashion, Steve Tyng relentlessly attacks the opposition, although this time using Joe's Hetzer, instead of his trusted T-34. After finishing off the KV-1, he goes after the Tiger who returns fire defensively while moving to stay out of the Hetzer's gunsights. While the Hetzer races along the road in an attempt to outflank the Tiger, the Tiger plows through rough terrain to head it off. While retreating (off camera) the Tiger scores a hit on the top of the Hetzer from medium range.

Goer Goes Off Road (MP4, 2.7 MB)
Having no experience operating support vehicles, John has trouble keeping the Goer on the bumpy road. (A post-mortem revealed that the left front wheel hub of the Goer was broken, which made it continuously pull to the left.)

Goer Moves Pak-40 (MP4, 5.1 MB)
In order to cover more territory with artillery fire, the Goer is tasked to move the Pak-40 to the center of the field. All part of a day's work for the support crew.

Howitzer Finds The Range (MP4, 1.0 MB)
Nathan gets the range on the Goer, with some spotting assistance from his brother Mike.

Tiger In The Grass (MP4, 2.8 MB)
Frank pushes himself and the Tiger through two-foot tall thick weeds to outflank the T-34. As he takes up a firing position on the edge of the weeds to shield himself from return fire, Chris hurls the T-34 into the brush to hold the flank for his comrades.

Panzer Attacks T-34 (MP4, 2.4 MB)
As the T-34 tangles with the Tiger in the weeds, the Panzer IV moves into a strong firing position.

T-34 On Point (MP4, 1.7 MB)
The T-34 leads the Red Team out of home base to take on the Tiger in the middle of the field.

Panzer Kills T-34 (MP4, 9.0 MB)
As the end of the battle draws near, the Panzer and T-34 face-off while the KV-1 and Hetzer are chasing the Tiger in the thick brush. Being his first battle, Chris doesn't realize that John is aiming for his side-mounted gas tanks to score the hits needed to destroy him. Such faceoffs at close quarters usually result in one of the vehicles being destroyed.

Hetzer Killed (MP4, 6.9 MB)
With only a minute left in the battle, the Tiger and Panzer, who have already destroyed the KV-1 and T-34, are concentrating on the Hetzer operated by Steve, while the Howitzer operated by Nathan provides support. In typical fashion, the Panzer scores a hit from medium range, that forces the Hetzer into attacking the Tiger. The Tiger eludes the speedy foe and then counter-attacks with support from the Panzer. Both tanks aim their guns in front of the retreating Hetzer and the Panzer scores the final hit just as the battle ends.

The following gun camera footage was taken by Joe Sommer during a lunch-time video experiment.

Hetzer Gun Camera Long Range (MPEG, 13 MB)
The Hetzer takes four long range shots at a Stuart using a wireless video camera mounted in the hull behind the driver's periscope. No hits were scored because the camera was used to aim the gun. It is almost impossible to track paint balls flying down range with video at 30 frames per second. An orange paintball is barely visible just prior to the fourth muzzle flash at 34 seconds into the clip.

Hetzer Gun Camera Short Range (MPEG, 8.8 MB)
The Hetzer closes range on the Stuart and scores a hit on its right turret bustle. Note that it is difficult to see a hit even at close range. The gun camera survived both battles but the antenna range was not long enough to record actual battle footage.

The following gun camera footage was taken by John Pittelli on-board the Panzer IV during the second battle.

Enemy In The Brush (MPEG, 1.1 MB)
During lunch, the Panzer IV tests out the turret cam and it's ability to travel in the high brush. You never know what might be waiting in the clearing.

Tony's First Sortie (MPEG, 2.6 MB)
It's war. The second battle starts out with a new commander for the PzIV. What looks easy from the sidelines turns out to be a littlee harder. Right Tony? Tony follows the General's plan and deploys on the left side to provide cover fire. Near the final seconds of this clip you'll see an orange paintball seeking out the enemy.

Convoy Duty (MPEG, 2.6 MB)
Sometimes you must forgo attacking the enemy to assure that the forward position is supplied. Here we see Tony escorting the Goer to the Pak40.

Tony Scores A Hit (MPEG, 3.9 MB)
Tony learns the art of long range gunnery. Unfortunately, it's a frontal hit that does not count.

Close Order Drill (MPEG, 2.6 MB)
Navigating the roads is not easy. Here Tony brings in the Pz IV for reloading and Karl takes command.

Karl And The KV-1 (MPEG, 623 KB)
In this clip you can see and hear how our Fearless Leader leads the assault on the enemy.

Rookie On The Goer (MPEG, 2.5 MB)
With Karl still in command of the Pz IV you can hear our Fearless Leader giving words of encouragement to the rookie supply driver, John. The Goer is much more tricky to drive in a straight line and this veteran Panzer commander took a few minutes to adjust. There is also a nice distance shot of the Tiger in the tall grass turning his turret while tracking an enemy target. Looks quite realistic.

The Intervention (June 17, 2006)

The following gun camera footage was taken by John Pittelli using a Sony Cybershot 5 megapixel with an mpeg option mounted on top of the Comet's turret:

Flak88 Assault (MPG, 34.8 MB)
At the beginning of the first battle, the Tough Love team charges out of home base to take the town and quiet the Flak 88. The Comet advances quickly towards the Flak 88 and begins to target the soldiers guarding the artillery piece. This high-res video shows the paint flying and a gun-sight view of the battle.

Spotted Leopard (MPG, 6.4 MB)
The Comet zeros in on the Leopard and scores three successive hits as it comes out of the town. Just one more and the Leopard would have been sent back to home base for re-incarnation.

Town Secured (MPG, 20.1 MB)
After fending off a couple counter-attacks, the members of Tough Love secure the town and work hard to defend it from subsequent attacks.