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Maryland Escalates The Arms Race

St. Charles, Maryland - September 3, 2002:

In response to the recent announcement made by the Ohio R/C Militia concerning the development of Tiger tank #T004 (see Ohio Unveils New Weapon for details), the Maryland Attack Group (MAG) announced today the official designation of Steve Tyng's T-34 Tiger Killer as tank #T005.

Although experts were expecting such a move by Tyng, based on a number statements made recently on the R/C Combat Mailing List, they were completely surprised by the speed and quality of the development project. As can be seen in the preliminary project photos at:

Steve is setting a high mark for craftsmanship and power in the development of his Tiger Killer.

Steve's T-34 will be a welcome addition to MAG's already impressive array of firepower and will probably see action early in 2003, possibly joining an expeditionary force being sent to Ohio "for scouting purposes."

Will Montgomery, a founding member of R/C Tank Combat and the Maryland Attack Group stated that, "the T-34 is just another example of the high-levels of quality that can be achieved in the Maryland area." He continued to say that, "we will do whatever it takes to keep the Ravens where they rightfully belong ... in Baltimore".

In a related story, the Tri-Pact Justice Department announced today that it would be investigating possible connections between the Ravens and Mr. Montgomery as the result of allegations about the improper release of toxic gases around fans for the opposing teams.