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MAG Battle Plans

by Vern Dernberger

Severn, Maryland - April 27, 2004:

For the last two years, this reporter has been investigating the rising power of the Maryland Attack Group and their ability to corrupt and control the R/C Tank Combat hobby. With substantial technical, military and financial backing from industry jugernauts like Tri-Pact Venture Partners Limited and Tyng Enterprises, the Maryland Attack Group represents the only true super-power in the hobby. Although representatives continue to state that MAG wants only to bring world peace through superior firepower, many experts believe that they simply want to own the entire world.

Secret Communication Intercepted

After much investigation, this reporter has uncovered the following secret battle plans recently communicated between high-ranking members of the Maryland Attack Group:

Herr General:

The financial department has successfully concluded arrangements with the DuPonts for the purchase of Delaware. As you can see from Map 1, this gives us the deep water port of Slaughter Beach and income from slot emporium at Dover Downs. This cash cow will greatly add to the coffers of our R&D section and make T.H.O.R.F. feasible on a much broader scale. It will also allow everyone to purchase one vintage G.I. Joe of their choice.

Map 1
After the June wargames, we advance northward and take Lancaster from the south while our ally, Anvilus, attacks from the west. Here we can fill our bellies on fresh pastries in preparation for the long trek to Athens. See Map 2.
Map 2

Leaving Amish World, we then cut a swatch, oops, swath through PA, NJ, and lower NY and visit the Native Americans in Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. There we refit and refresh ourselves (letter F, Map 3) before the joint operations to capture Athens. Advance scouts state that our only opposition is a young man in a Sherman . But, no firepower. Perfect!!!!!!
Map 3

Our timetable suggests that the enemy will be subdued and Athens brought under the protective banner of MAG (Maryland Attack Group) by no later than the last week in August. Our associates in Vegas, NAG (Nevada Attack Group), (hmmm, we should have marketing do something about that name), have assured us that the *FIX* is in when we visit our Connecticutt friends.

Please review these plans, make any necessary changes, in order that the implementation might begin. Long live T.H.O.R.F. and the Alliance.

		Oberst Johann

Clearly, the leaders of the Maryland Attack Group have hidden behind a facade of peace and tranquility while they plot to take over the eastern United States. Then, with the assistance of the dangerous Vegas Alliance, they will undoubtably target the entire United States and Canada.

Large-Scale Preparations

Since the Maryland Attack Group is well known for their mis-information campaigns, this reporter sought out confirmation of these purported invasion plans. At great personal risk and with little hope of coming back alive, this reporter located and gained access to the super-secret Tri-Pact Proving Grounds, where a number of intense field tests were taking place. Under the threat of constant danger, this reporter was able to capture the following video footage:

Tiger-1 Field Test After undergoing a major refit over the winter, the venerable Tiger-1 appears to have no problem going through dense brush and traversing rough terrain.
Panzer-IV Field Test With a new track system and reliable EV-Warrior drive system, the Panzer-IV moves quickly over all obstacles and is ready for war.
KV-1 Field Test Sporting a new turret and more reliable track system, the KV-1 takes little notice of the rough terrain and anxiously awaits a real battle.
Battle Tactics The Pittelli Brothers practice their battle formation and tactics with rapid, precise team work.

Anvilus Joins Ranks

Despite a constant barrage of media hype over the winter indicating a rift between Anvilus Plastic Works and Tyng Industries, this reporter has learned that it has been a mis-information campaign all along. In fact, during a clandestine operation, this reporter was able to take the following photograph of the controller inside of Will Montgomery's new tank destroyer:

Made specifically for MAG by the Anvilus Plastic Works, this controller is believed to be the most compact and reliable controller in the hobby. With only a few power connections, this controller is ready for battle, significantly reducing the development and maintenance time required for the MAG armored vehicles. Although it is widely known that Joe Sommer, the cash-strapped CEO of Anvilus, would sell his mother to secure the lucrative MAG controller contract, many experts were still shocked by this turn of events. Apparently, the threat of large scale build-ups in Virginia, Ohio and New England, has forced Tri-Pact, Tyng Labs and Anvilus into an uneasy alliance aimed at not only conquering the surrounding territories, but also creating a techno-financial empire that squashes all free trade.

Can anyone stand up to such a force?