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R/C Tank Combat Hobby Founded

Annapolis, Maryland - January 1, 2001:

The R/C Tank Combat hobby was founded today and is expected to become the ultimate R/C tactical warfare game in a few short years. The hobby was founded by R/C combat veterans Frank Pittelli, Will Montgomery and Michael Blattau, who plan to wage the first R/C Tank War sometime in the second quarter of 2001.

The R/C Tank Combat hobby combines the challenge of building, maintaining and operating large scale R/C models, with the excitement of head-to-head tactical combat. A typical battle involves two armies of combat and support vehicles, including tanks, armored cars, field artillery, armored bunkers, and trucks, as well as assorted obstacles. Mission objectives are defined before each battle, but the combatants are free to pursue whichever tactics that they feel are needed to win.

A simple, well-balanced set of construction and operating rules have been formulated to keep the game exciting and to maintain a fair playing field. Combat vehicles and artillery pieces may be modeled after any actual military weapon system built anywhere, by any army and at any time. For example, one combatant may choose to operate a modern M1-Abrams, while another chooses to operate a WW-II Tiger I. Be definition, all vehicle bodies must be at least 3 feet long, with the width and height scaled according to the original dimensions. Such a simple set of construction rules allows a wide variety of combat vehicles to be built, while allowing each combatant a fair chance at operating them successfully.

To provide for a safe, yet exciting battle, standard paint-ball equipment is used as the basis for each weapon system. Such equipment is extremely reliable and is capable of providing accurate firing at relatively long distances. The scale of the vehicles has been chosen to allow them to be readily outfitted with all of the CO2 equipment needed, as well as an ample supply of batteries and electronic equipment.

Although the R/C Tank Combat hobby has only just begun, it promises to be one of the most exciting, challenging and enjoyable R/C combat hobbies around. Anyone who enjoys tinkering with large-scale R/C models and testing their skills against equally clever opponents will be hooked on this hobby the first time they hear Let The Battle Begin.