R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T087

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TTRS2 Rotation System: Lazy Susan system with ABS rotation rings on a spring loaded motor

Full view of lower hull with TTMS Motorization system made of two 450W motors (1.2 hp)


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Side view of lower hull showing the open front glacis, giving full access to the motors/gears.

Inside view of the lower hull, two 12V Batteries, two Talon SR controllers for turret rotation and gun elevation, and central fuse connectors


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Inside View of the lower hull showing the control components: Talon SR ESC Controllers for each Motor. TTMS Motorization System (Patent Pending) adaptable to any vehicle with the proper width. Allows 1.2 hp of torque! The Tiger is currently designed for a 3.7 mph speed, but achieved speeds of 7 mph on the same motors with different sprocket gears.

The two black boxes on the left inside flank of the hull are for Wifi control and router, connected to the laptop and PS2. We will offer 3 levels of controls: 5-channel 2.4GHz Radio, PS2 Simplified control, and PS2/Video Wifi Control.

MPSS3 Suspension Unit: Individual suspension unit showing the spring and the adjustable screw on a tension plate for fine tuning. The suspension can also be adjusted by 60 degree on the swing arm bolt. Patent Pending.


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This photo illustrates the only issue we met at the Gettysburg event, but also shows the single wheel bushing issue met during controller testing in Michigan.


1. The bushing in the single wheel detached from the metal ring. We solved this issue by making a small ring to sandwich the bushing. This fix was implemented at the Gettysburg event and worked well

2. The effect of the torque on grass and other outdoor surfaces is well shown especially on the FIRST swing arm. We bent the left-side swing arm on the second day of fighting, blocking the rotation of the second set of wheels, and throwing the tracks off.


We could not fix the second issue at Gettysburg, so we just removed the first set of wheels on the left side, and finished the day of combat.

The part that bent is NOT the road-wheel axle or the swing arm axle, but the multi-layered 12-gauge laser-cut swing arm! It really surprised us. The design of the laser-cut layered swing arm is now changed, doubling its strength in the center, and adding a "wrap-around" outer layer.

This view of underneath the Tiger shows the two issues we met at Gettysburg:

  • Bushings were slipping out of Single wheels. We added a smaller ring to sandwich those bushings and it worked GREAT in Combat
  • The front and back swing arms BENT under the high torque of turns in the Grass and Rough terrain. Putting a simple bolt between the 12-gauge plates allows more sturdiness.

NOTE 1: The Tiger Tracks performed perfectly. No track link or pin were broken!

NOTE 2: You can see some "wear" on the bottom of the track, but it is only on the molded 1/16" "Ice Cleats", made of plastic, that are worn out. The body of the track is still 1/4" and has resisted several weeks of trial on grass/concrete.


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