R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T087

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Type: PzKpfw VI-I Tiger Armament: 88mm
Built: Sept 2013 Armor: 100mm
Builder: Loic Anthian Rating: 40/4
Status: Operational Battles: 6
Owner: Loic Anthian Points Earned: 3,133
Call Sign: UNKNOWN Points Given: 9,000
  • First Commercially Available R/C Combat Tank
  • Sheet metal body
  • Plastic cast tracks
  • Steel reinforced ABS wheels

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    We scrapped the "full metal" Tiger I and replaced it with a "Hybrid" Tiger. That means that the tank is made of thick ABS with inner metal lining. Adding the motorization frame and the heavy gauge suspension rails make this hull very sturdy

    Side view of the "new" ABS Tiger I Ausf.E Late. The Schedule 80 PVC sleeve just slides over the paintball barrel.

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    Video of the fully functional Tiger, with suspension, motorization, turret rotation, gun elevation, electronic system, paintball marker and coaxial laser pointer

    Location: Southtown Expo Center Date: February 1st and 2nd Event: "Crossroad of the West" Gun Show A member of the Utah Military Vehicle Club wondered if the 1/6th Scale Tiger I would be able to run over his body? Here's the answer...

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    Frontal view of Prototype I: Full metal Tiger with ABS turret. We have added many improvements since the Gettysburg battle (Sep.28-29, 2013). The barrel is a "PVC Sleeve" over a stock 11" paintball barrel.

    Please note the remote camera antenna on the mantle. Obviously, this antenna will be moved.

    Video of the Tiger Running (Click Here)

    Video of the Control System (Click Here)

    This tank got "banged up"!

    Testing in Michigan with the installation of the control system, and battling at Gettysburg took its toll...


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    Sept 2013: The FOA "Combat Tiger I" battle debut is in Gettysburg, PA. See British Invasion for more details.

    Loic's first kill. Actually, it was more like a "road kill" since Marty's Comet had just thrown a track and was waiting for someone to finish him off. Loic obliged.

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    Inside view of the turret: Hinges allow full access to turret components, TTES Gun Elevation System (Patent Pending) on a lead-screw design. We upgraded the CO2 feed since Gettysburg with a coil feed which allow the 9oz. gas tank to be stored in hull

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