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Tank #T081

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A rather bright shot of the 12v starter motors. It is all that white that reflects the camera flash.

Concerned with cooling, I cut out two vents for twin computer cooling fans.

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With a few more details and front cooling intake vents put in, the upper hull is ready for its first coat of paint.

Previously, I mentioned looking for a new ESC. This is what I found. It is the new Sabertooth 2x60 motor controller. It has a host of features to include dual motors control, high frequency switching, 60 amp continuous rating (120 amps peak), regenerative braking, etc.

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Remember how much room the MC7 motor controllers took up? The Sabertooth controller does far more in a much smaller package.

A comparison between the MC7s and Sabertooth.

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And a rather bad photo of the camo scheme. The green looks way brighter here than it actually is. The camo scheme is loosely based on the NATO 3 camouflage design.

Outdoor pics and a new video coming soon ...

Finally got a bit of outdoor testing done. Results are mixed. First run (this video) is 12 volt power to the motors. The tank started out at 15% throttle but by mid-video it is set to run at 25% throttle. Still very fast.

ID'd issues include loosing road wheels (three types of glue and still can't keep them on!), loss of a few rubber track pads, and lots of throttle tweaking still needed.

Good things from the run include lots of power (enough to pivot turn on grass), speed, suspension works well and didn't break, belt tensioner didn't break or loosen, and rather cool looking.

As Bill B once put it, the tank is "A Ferarri with Attitude". Heh.


Just to see, the Strv is switched over to 6 volt motor power. 6 volts opens up a bunch of battery options, slows the tank down to workable speeds, and reduces current draw.

Not good is trying to turn on grass on 6 volts. It still has some EPA left to get full power for turning that might be enough to make 6 volt viable. Further testing is needed.

The powered suspension system works perfectly. A little slow on 6 volts, but again there is still lots of EPA left to make it faster.

First attempt to make a paintball magazine. There is only 1 1/4 inch space between the top of the marker and the upper hull. The idea was to use a powered feeder to move paintballs from a lower angled tray up to the marker breech.

Unfortunately, the feed rotor kept jamming paintballs. I finally realized that nothing could be done to prevent jamming when paintballs are picked up from the side of the rotor arms.

So this concept, which took about 3 hours to make, was totally scrapped.


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