R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T066

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Wheels fitted, track test fitted, suspension operational! Dylan is currently riding inside, and was quite pleased with this test of the system.

Remember how I mentioned that I couldn't get attachment chain? Well, that meant that I had a bolt coming through the track every 2nd hole, so I had to mill off every second tooth on the gear sprockets. That was fun! Set up a jig on the mill, and rotated by 2 teeth every time. Took about 3 hours to mill them all off.

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Here's the result.

And a head-on view of the track.

It was at this point that I discovered that I could fit the motors into the sponsons, above the lower hull, which would open that area up a LOT and give some room for the boy's feet. So, off to the milling machine again to mill an area in to let them fit right.

A close-up of the area I had to machine out on both sides.

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And a view here of the motor mounted. If you look closely, you'll see that it protrudes up about 2 mm above the top of the steel in the hull....look at pictures later on, and you'll note that it doesn't matter, since the driver and radio man's hatches are directly above the motors, so I was able to get away with this!

The first track, all hooked up. A very good feeling of accomplishment to get to this stage!

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My track tensioner. I was trying to figure out a simple way to do it, and this is the best I could find. The bolt pulls the rear idler to the rear as it's tightened up. I've since put a structural brace in to provide some extra strength in this area.

A very pleased Panzer commander, with his pet frog in the battery compartment (you see the frog-leg sticking out.)

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