R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T065

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Elevation shot. This is the max elevation, but it will be limited due to the rules to 10 degrees.

Traverse to the right.

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I can unscrew the barrel for cleaning by grabbing the barrel shroud and turning.

Traverse to the left. Barrel shroud is made of PVC and is held on the barrel by friction. The inner rings are made from foamed PVC sheet and glued in place. A simple hinge is the up/down actuation point for the gun.

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Gun mount is a block of wood angled in the front to allow the barrel shroud to clear. The hinge is screwed to the U channel pieces sandwiching the gun. The front pivot point is a 3" lazy susan and the rear of the gun platform will ride on a ball bearing. Elevation will come in the form of a servo mounted to the gun platform and will traverse with the gun. A servo mounted to one of the cross members will be used for the traverse. With the barrel shroud in place, the gun is almost perfectly balenced. No paintball magazine yet, but soon. The extra weight of magazine will even out the front to rear bias further.

My nice colorful paintball magazine is installed, courtesy of Mr. Sommer. Elevate servo is in. A brace will be added to the top of the servo insure it doesn't break free in the heat of battle.

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Here's a shot from the other side showing the door lock actuator connected to the marker's trigger. A small spring will be added later to help the trigger reset after every shot.

Magazine cover removed and servo fully actuated showing the gun fully depressed. The dowle in the picture ensures the magazine stays at a downward angle as the gun raises, lowers, and traverses left to right. A small piece of foamed PVC was put in the magazine to funnel the paintballs to the opening in the bottom of the magazine. The magazine is attached with a brass hinge. I will be putting a small piece of soft foam under the magazine to keep balls from falling out of the magazine when the gun is raised.

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