R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T065

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These are my new motor mounts. Each motor is independantly adjustable to set the tension on the drive chains. An aluminum L bracket proves the proper spacing and bracing against the hull on the outer sides of the mount while the inner portion is filled with a 3/4" piece of plywood and a 1/8" piece of ABS plastic to make up the rest of the height. These two braces ensure the U channel holding the motors can't shift left or right. The motors are mounted to a sandwich of 1/8" aluminum plates on the outside and 1/2" plywood on the inside. The L bracket mounted on the back of the motor with the screw through it is the tensioner. As the nut is tightened, it pulls the motors to the rear of the tank until the correct tension is put on the drive chains. Two supplimental braces were screwed down on the tops of the inner U channels to provide just a little more hold down power. These motors have been known to wreck havoc on weak motor mounts.

A view from the front of the motor mounts. The bolt through the middle of the mount is the tensioner. The drive chains are adjusted to only provide about an 1/8" of deflection. So far it's worked out well.

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Previous pictures were taken showing my original track design. This is the current set of tracks. It's 2060 attachment chain with 1/8" ABS plastic pads rivited on. One completed track weighs in at about 12 lbs.

Quick look at the old tracks on the right and the new tracks on the left.

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Nice shot of the road wheels. They are plastic shopping cart wheels with rubber tread bored out to accept 1/2" bearings on both sides and thined to about 1" wide. You can just see the Trantorque keyless bushing holding the front drive sprocket on. Normally they are around $35/piece, but I picked them up on Ebay for about $7/piece. I especially like the track droop. The new tracks are so stiff laterally that I can run them with very little tension. Mud guards are hinged and made from 1/8" aluminum plate.

Frontal shot showing the gun mount constructed from a hard plastic resin bowl cut out with a Dremel. No gun yet, but it's in the works.

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Overall camo shot. Not exactly the right color palette, but close enough for me. You can see the 24V battery guage mounted in the upper hull to keep tabs on the battery state. The muffler guards and track guards were off the shelf Field of Armor (FOA) items purchased from Rolling Thunder (www.r-c-tanks.com). The axles will be trimmed eventually.

Just another camo shot.

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And here's a nice vid of it running in the snow with the new tracks.

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Finally got the gun mounted. This pic shows the depression of the gun. I also widened the mantlet opening to accomadate the gun traverse.

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