R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T064

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Rear shot of the new and much re-enforced hull. Some lessons learned from the last one include: External on/off master switches, LED power on lights, a volt meter, relocated motor controller, motor mounting relocated, a heavy duty battery box, motor fuse holders are now accessible, remounting of the main fuses, and a complete rewiring.

Showing the heavy duty battery box and main fuse holders. To the left is the main wiring and the black box on the right is the radio receiver.

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A look down the hull. Note that the motor controller has been relocated from under the motor mount plate to the side wall of the hull. After blowing a relay, it was discovered that an almost complete disassembly of the motor compartment was needed to change a relay.

The radio receiver (left) and the motor controller (right). Motor fuses are visible in the lower right.

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Looking aft. The hull floor was built out of 3/4" marine grade plywood and the motors were mounted directly to the hull floor, on the sloped section of the hull. This freed up a lot of space. The ability to add a piece of sheet steel under the motors was retained, just in case.

After the field test of the new hull. Literally a field. The upper idler wheels were enlarged and the track height was lowered on the new hull (corrected to closer to scale). This allowed a little more of the track to wrap around the drive wheel and with a little more tension on the track, the slippage has almost vanished.

It was driven thru the large puddle behind R&D then out onto the test field without any slippage. The Bulldog ploughed through six inch deep dead grass, ran over some small saplings, negotiated snow banks, forded the water obstacle, climbed some modest inclines, and left evidence of its passage. Tank tracks were clearly visible on the gravel road, in the snow, and in the dead grasses.

The deck is going to require some modification to deal with the lowered track but that should be fairly straight forward. That will get shown off in the next installment along with the new turret.


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The tracks performed flawlessly. Even with some large hunks of gravel wedged between the wooden tracks they behaved perfectly. Having really tested it out, I don't believe it will ever throw a track unless the front idler falls off first.

With 200 screw heads, traction is great. Rather than paint them, I am going to incorporate the colour into the camo scheme.

Did I mention how much fun this is to drive?

Next, the track adjusters have to be moved inside the hull a la T001.

With updated deck and partial paint. Track adjusters are now relocated from the firewall to the nose. The new ones are very close to those found in T001.

Eventually, I will add the tool boxes and "mufflers" but after I get the turret finished. I just noticed that I missed painting the top guide wheels. On both sides! I am consistent.


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Front view. Now I can work on the fenders and get after the turret.

Field Testing at the ultra secret facility behind the R&D Dept.

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