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Tank #T064

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Type: M41 Walker Bulldog Armament: 76mm
Built: Nov 2008 Armor: 38mm
Builder: Fred Thomson Rating: 40/3
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Fred Thomson Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Big Dog Points Given: 0
  • Wood/Fiberglass construction
  • Freds Labour Intensive Track System (FLITS)
  • Tri-Pact Speed Controller

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    M41-A3 1/6th Scale Specs
    Length Overall:1174mm
    Body Length:970mm
    Battery:2 SBS60 12v 51ah@20
    Hull:Reinforced 1/2" & 3/4" Plywood
    Motors:24v M01 motors
    Armament:.68 cal modified Brass Eagle paintball marker
    Motor Control:Anvilus MRC
    Radio Control:6 Channel Futaba

    Sadly, T064 was badly damaged in our relocation and will be retired.

     T064, Big Dog to his friends, was liked by all. Even tho he had never
    fired a shot in a battle, he was a demon on the target range. He is
    survived by T013, 'Lil' Joe, and his embryonic little brother, a Stug
    who is as yet, unnamed.

     Being a generous and kind "Machine 'O Deth" (sic), some of his vitals
    will be transplanted into the Stug III.

    He was DEEPLY mourned by the insurance adjuster.


    The biggest challenge was scaling this beast down. Unlike the more popular tanks (Tigers, Shermans, Panzers, etc), there were no scale plans to be had. So armed with the real dimensions, some basic math, and the line drawing I found, I set to work scaling it down to 1/6 scale. Well, 1/6-ish. It was impractical to have a measurement of 139.75 mm.

    Building the Tri-Pact motor controler.

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    Testing the layout with the old motors. Replaced the front wheels with custom built.

    Glueing the wheels together. Used the shafts as a guide to keep it all straight. The wheels were cut with a 4 1/2 inch hole saw and then sanded smooth.

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    77 treads per side equals 231 Nuts & bolts, 308 washers, and lots of time spent keeping it straight. Affectionately named F.L.I.T.S. or Fred's Labour Intensive Track System by my better half. Tracks weigh in at 8lbs per side.

    The first fitting of the tracks. Using FLITS. Friction drive with #35 roller chain (I had lots laying around) and oak treads.

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    It looks a little odd from this angle.

    The front view. Here you can see the nylon wear pads and spacers to prevent wearing on the hull. It is an optical illusion that the back drive shaft mounts look askew. In reality, they are plumb and square. Here you can also see the re-inforced (doubled) track tensioners. This was done after bending the axle during the tether tests in a collision with my work bench. The under powered dc servo motors have been removed and it is waiting the arrival of the M01's.

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