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Tank #T061

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Type: T-34-85 Armament: 85mm
Built: Oct 2008 Armor: 90mm
Builder: Gregory Craig Rating: 40/4
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Gregory Craig Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Cold Comfort Points Given: 0
  • Scale gun recoil
  • smoking exhaust
  • working light
  • 24v scooter motors

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    T-34/85 This is the tank that turned the tide of the war on the eastern front. Its sloping armor and mass numbers totally over whelmed the German forces and there by changing the course of history. I chose to make the T-34 after much thought and consideration, after all there is some really sweet looking German tanks, but the T-34 would be a period piece in 1945 and today, as some countries still use them today.

    The guts of the tank. 2 12V 18AH batteries wired for 24V power 2 24V MY1016 scooter motors. Number 35 chain go through 2 reduction gears to produce a scale speed of 5 miles/h. The black cylinder is my home made smoke unit with hoses leading to the exhaust. Also shown in this picture is springs for suspension. Not shown on the other side of the plywood divider is mounted the Sabertooth 2x25 speed controller which also supplies the smoker unit with power. switches for the main power and smoker unit can be seen on the top lid.

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    A closer look at the smoker unit.

    Taken out you can see that the smoker unit is simply a piece of 3'ABS pipe and cap with a copper tee on the top to connect the hoses and a fan glued to the bottom. The bolts allow the the fan to draw air in from below and a mesh screen (drywall sand paper)on a piece of styrene with holes drilled through it, separates the interior from the fan. Line the interior with tin foil and here's the kicker, generate the smoke with non toxic mosquito coil. Simply light the coil blow it out and let it smoke a constant smoke will be produced and to kick things up turn on the fan. The coil will last a long long time.

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    Here is another view of the chain and gearing, and the hoses that side into the exhaust below.

    Here is the turret with the top removed. Paint ball tray is in the top part of turret. The marker is fed on the recoil. The CO2 bottle is removed while I make changes. The stock steel braided air hose is too stiff to allow smooth recoil so will be replace with macro hose when I get the chance to get to the paint ball store. Elevation is done by a 1/4 servo and traverse has been a pain I could not get my electric car window motor and 12V boat speed controller to work with the C6C, but it would work with a regular transmitter so I will be putting in a motor and a speed controller made from a servo, might work. The turret was by far the hardest part of the build the wood and fiberglass turret was a messy job but turned out OK. I don't expect to see much if any battles around here so looks and gimmicks are top shelf over battle practicality.

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