R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T050


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Type: Panzer III Armament: 50mm
Built: March 2007 Armor: 50mm
Builder: Guy Gregoire Rating: 30/3
Status: Rolling Chassis Battles: 0
Owner: Guy Gregoire Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: unknown Points Given: 0
  • Welded steel construction
  • RS80D ESC
  • Attachment chain track

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    I build my panzer III hull in 16gage steel, it's strong enough to avoid making a tubular frame, so I get the maximum of space possible inside while the tank is 1/6 scale outside. As you see each axle of rolling wheel have its own suspension to maximize mobility while minimizing the effect of a rock on the whole tank stability.

    The upper part of the tank hull is removable, while the turret is permanently fix to it. That way the turret rotation mechanisim will not be touched when I open the tank to have access to the electric components.

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    As you see the front axle that will transmit the power from the motor to the outside tracks is stable and strong, with a ballbearings on the hull side where the pressure will be at its maximum.

    The tracks are built on a rolling chain 1" pitch. One flat metal is welded to each link, which results in a very strong and agile track movement. The tank is shown here with primer, proper detail and paint job is coming.

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    The Panzer III have receive his grey panzer color and seem to please one tank commander, the turret is on a metal lazy suzan with ballbearings.

    Inside view fo the two whellchair motor 24v. They are already geared down enough to be link directly to the tracks driving shafts with a chain. On top of it with the red buttons is the ESC for the wheel chair fitted there for driving test, successfull. One ESC RS80D is coming this way for full rc operation. Behind is two 12v 20h batterys. and enough space to maybe one day add smoke effect, as the mufflers is operational.

    Final result, but it look a lot better moving around. Now waiting on the shipping of the ESC and I need to go shopping for a paintball marker.

    April 2007: I have received my RS80D and I will place it behind the batteries. The space on the right of the batteries will be used by the motor to turn the turret.

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    You can see the chain from the motor to the traction wheel. I installed in the +24V line a 50A breaker so that if for any reason the tank stalls (like pushing a big tree) the motors will not be damaged.

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