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Tank #T043


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Type: StuG III, Aus F Armament: 75mm
Built: Mar 2006 Armor: 50mm
Builder: Rick Schultz Rating: 40/3
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Rick Schultz Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: unknown Points Given: 0
  • Molded TTS track
  • Molded road and drive wheels
  • 250W scooter motors

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    Rick Schultz demonstrated his brand new, fully operational Stug for the first time in public at the 2006 Tank Expo (March 2006). Everyone agreed that it looks great and is well made. Rick started building it from scratch after the last 2005 fall battle and completed it in about 3 months.

    The StuG rides on a TTS track and wheels molded using Smoothcast 300 polyurethane plastic, providing excellent durability and detail. No need to paint it either, because the color is molded in. The model's barrel is actually the paintball marker barrel, with a molded muzzle fitted to the end.

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    The interior layout of the StuG is well designed, making it easy to work on any subsystem.

    It's pretty obvious from this photo that Rick is a licensed electrician. All wires neatly run, with crimped terminals and plenty of fuses to protect everything.

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    A welded right-angle bracket reinforces the "slot" used to put tension on the idler axle. The bolt extends through the back of the tank to allow axle tension to be changed without getting into the tank itself. The rectangular component in the middle of the photo is a piece of 3/4" square tubing, through which the axle rides, that has been welded to a rod coupling, through which the tension bolt rides. A simple, but effective tensioning system.

    The marker is fed from a box magazine through a simple coil of 12 gauge solid wire. This allows the marker to elevate without affecting the paintball feed. A door lock actuator is used to fire the marker.

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