R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T041


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Type: M4A3 Sherman Armament: 76mm
Built: Fall 2005 Armor: 140mm
Builder: Mike Gwin Rating: 40/4
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Mike Gwin Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: unknown Points Given: 0
  • Built to 1/5 scale

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    Built from the W E Johns plans (www.gizmology.net/tanks.htm). Started construction in April 2005 with a few modifications.

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    With the amount of torque on the front-end (left) I decided to change the half-shaft mounts (below).

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    Once everything is installed & epoxied together its rock solid. Poor planning on my part led to alot of extra work, ended up using plywood doublers inside on the lower front-end. What I should have done is made the lower hull out of 1/2" plywood, next time.

    Tracks were/are an ongoing nightmare, pads alone 4 holes each, tapped ..... threads hardened & re-tapped. Still working on incorporating a treadmill belt to the outside of the track for more stability. Pretty sure I've surpassed the 7 words you can't say on television (lol) & added 6 more. A few bugs to work out on the tracks & sprockets, pretty sure its a tension problem due to no springs on the bogies yet. If necessary I may be switching over to a TTS system (thanks Steve) that I have been working on for my APC also 1/5th scale.

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    I haven't done much with the turret yet just the basic shell following the tradition of the hobby. Usual plans, paint-ball plus a H2O blaster or it could double as a vodka dispenser depending on the mission.

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