R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T039

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The Tyng M1's are 350 watts and provided so much power that my drive wheels were spinning but the track was not. So I adapted my wheels to a cog style. I added 1/4" strips of rubber that I cut from tie down straps.

Here is a better view . As you can see the edges are beveled and the strips were attached with goop and 1" staples. A 30 minute test session showed that my slipping problem has been solved. The next battle will be a truer test but it looks like a winner.

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Having 2 different sprockets did not work very well at the last battle. So the engineering staff at M.A.G. ( Frank ) came up with a solution. Since no one seemed to sell 11mm equipment to cut keyways, Frank machine the parts. In the photo above is the end result. A 3/8" #35 sprocket that was transformed into an 11mm keyed sprocket to fit the M1 motor shaft. Tooo sweet.

A simple 4 step process. Hacksaw off most of the collar. Then mill that surface flat. Then use a lathe to enlarge the shaft opening to 11mm. Last, use a hand press and Frank's new parts to cut the keyway.

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And here are the upgrades in action. Slipping of the drivewheels,gone. Power to the drive axles is now much smoother. With the power being delivered more efficiently the tank can now turn with 1 side locked. If you look carefully you'll see this happening in the vid. The chain chatter that you hear near the end is because the temp wedges between the motor and the axle housing had vibrated out.

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