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Tank #T037


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Type: SdKfz 186 Jagdtiger Armament: 128mm
Built: August 2005 Armor: 200mm
Builder: Karl Klusewitz Rating: 40/4
Status: Operational Battles: 3
Owner: Karl Klusewitz Points Earned: 1,770
Call Sign: Unknown Points Given: 6,000
  • 1/8 Scale Kit produced by R/C Armory
  • Retro-fitted for paintball combat

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    In 1/8 scale, the Hunting Tiger is still big enough to be battled and it has plenty of space inside to fit everything.

    A peek inside of the turret reveals a green laser that Karl uses for fun around the house and backyard. Although it has no problem lighting up a target in bright sunlight, looking for the green dot is not easy.

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    Next to the CO2 bottle can be seen the simple spring-loaded suspension system.

    The back compartment holds the batteries and all of the wiring neatly laid out.

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    The Hunting Tiger kit includes cast aluminium tracks and drive wheels.

    The tracks are nicely detailed, but the pins holding them together tend to slide out after driving around for awhile. Karl will be using lots of loctite to keep everything together.

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    During it's first live-fire field test, the Hunting Tiger hunts down the KV-1.

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