R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T035


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August 2, 2005: The StuG is finally ready. It is painted in winter camouflage. I think it looks fine in 'Kursk 1943' outfit.

Download Field Trial Video (WMV, 11.8Mb) to see the Stug in action. Some recently discovered and never published before authentic war footage is included in the film.

September 2005: The Stug gets new tracks.

August 2006: During his May visit Steve T. pointed out a few design flaws. It was virtually impossible to change the battery, the Qloader was functioning OK but it would take ages to reload and the side profile of the tank was too large of a target.

So, to create space I got rid of the final drive stage belts (the Unichain conveyors provide enough slippage on the ground). This enabled me to relocate the HP air bottle under the marker. The large 12 V 24 Ah battery was changed to a 18 Ah one. Less run time, but easily changeable and lighter.


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The Qloader was abandoned and a gravity feeder tray was made from PVC sewage pipe. It can contain just over 40 rounds so enough for the battle. Allthough the balls haven't fallen out of the tray during extensive field tests I'll make some sort of lid for the tray. The tray can be filled through the hole I made in the upper hull where the mock up fan housing used to sit. I have yet to make some sort of plug for this hole.

The extended macro line hose enables free movement of the marker without being limited by the tension on the line.

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The rear upper hull has been lowered to provide a lower profile. It's also a bit more true to scale.

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