R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T035


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Type: StuG III, Aus F Armament: 75mm
Built: Feb 2005 Armor: 50mm
Builder: Marc Methorst Rating: 40/3
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Marc Methorst Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Bambi Points Given: 0
  • Plastic tracks
  • EV-Warrior Drive Motors
  • Anvilus Speed Controller

  • The StuG III, Ausf. F. is made from 12 mm plywood. The roadwheels have been produced using a fixed point on the router base. They are cut out of 15 mm plywood sheet and then glued together.

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    The road wheels were quite true after cutting them with the router, but were finished off by placing them in the column drill chuck and sanding them.

    A 20 mm hole is filled with nylon bushings that accept 10 mm bolts as shafts.

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    These bolts have been modified, I cut an extra length of thread to be able to install them properly.

    The wheels are fixed to a welded metal frame, consisting of rectangular 25 x 10 mm tube.

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    The tracks are similar to the Intralox versions. They are incredibly light and suitable for this task. The only thing is that they were standard available in blue, hence the camo paint job will also be slightly off-standard.

    The StuG is powered by a hefty 12 V 24 Ah battery and will have seperate power suplly for the controller and receiver, by means of additional power packs. The motors are the EV-Warriors, controller is Anvilus.

    I reversed the idler wheel and drive wheels (the original StuG has front drive) because the sprockets I bought are a bit too small to act ... I fancy the huge front wheel, so decided to make that the idler wheel (also made from two layers of 15 mm plywood) and place the drivewheel in the rear (of the tank, that is :-) The road wheels will be shod with rubber band.

    The drive shaft is a 20 mm diameter aluminium tube. The StuG will have chain drive from the EV's to the sprockets, and a belt driven final stage to allow slip. The square wooden sprocket hubs are temporary, I prefer to change them for aluminium if I can find it.


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    An old Mirage marker will be used for the gun, it is a conventional no-bells-and-whistles marker.

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