R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T034


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In the gear down process go-kart bearings are used which can be got from ebay for ~$10 for a 10 pack which should be enough for a two-stage.

A combo of shaft collars, washers and the pulleys and sprockets themselves keeps the shaft from moving laterally.

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These peices bolt on the hull wall. The bearing is sandwiched between it and the hull. On the other side a huge washer holds the bearing in. There is nothing to stop the shaft from moving laterally but it seems to stay put.

The following movies show some of the T-34 systems in action:

Tracks Flapping
Once one track was on I couldn't resist hooking up the power. I was worried the teeth would be torn off but the worst thing to happen was the track flapping around.

Tracks and Tranny
You can see the belt, chain and tracks running here. The chain seems to be loose but I don't think I can take out another half link.

First Donuts
Motor controller? Fuse? Bah! Connect motor to battery and let her tear up the lawn. The shutdown process is a little tricky - think "matador".

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