R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T034


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Type: T-34-85 Armament: 85mm
Built: 2004 Armor: 90mm
Builder: Amir Tahvildaran Rating: 40/4
Status: Under Construction Battles: 3
Owner: Amir Tahvildaran Points Earned: 5,950
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 3,000
  • Persistence is a virtue

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    After assembling all the parts I had up until this point, I found the last part to go on wouldn't fit. So I tore it all apart and tried to make the hull water resistant. While the glue dried I beat the offending part into submission.

    Master Tyng recommended Titebond II for water resistance. I thought the splotches (seen better above) would go away as it dried, it turns out that is how some parts dried, oops. Maybe noone will notice. You can see bunches of innards and wheels in the background.

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    Here are the guide teeth for the tracks. 1/2" X 1" X 1" and some angle that looked good at the time. They are gooped and clamped overnight to the tracks.

    Everyone's favorite angle on a tank. The first and fifth wheels were "refactored". It turns out I don't have room for 5 stroller wheels when the tracks are tensioned. I pried the rubber off of them and claim that the reduced contact area with the ground gives me better turning abilities. Maybe noone will notice.

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    Both tracks on. No innards - "Flintstone Mode". Because of the large diameter pulley on the inside (breaking from T005 design - oops) the drive wheel is elevated - I worry about the side skirts fitting. Again, maybe noone will notice.

    Is there an orthodontist in the house? I pushed it around the lawn a little and found the tracks locked on the teeth sometimes. It turned out the idler and drive wheels were out alignment. I realized this after profiling the guide teeth. Eh, maybe someone will notice.

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    The tracks are almost done at this point. One note about the tracks is that the grain of wood is going the wrong way - its very easy to snap by hand. I've had too many failed track systems and was too far in this process to start over. So, I wrote these tracks off as experimentation grade, thinking that I'll be doing this again someday.

    The teeth are held on just by goop (again, experimentation grade) - so far so good, but time will tell.

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    At the time EV Warriors were easy enough to come by but the mounts were not. This is a cheap solution made with two large hose clamps screwed into the base. The base was made with a dovetail saw and a file - because no fancy power tools were used, I call it the amish motor mounts. The motor mounts were the first thing I made for this project. Aluminum angle is used to bolt it to the hull. If the arrangment wasn't as tall as the inside of the hull I would use a hinge so it can pivot and compensate for belt stretch.

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