R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T030


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It looks like it could hurt things now. This is by far my favourite part of the building process, when things start coming together!!!

November 2004: Because paint ball guns are pretty hard to get in Australia I thought I would try building one. It will be powered by compressed air. This photo shows my air compressor after weight and size reduction. This pumps air into a compression chamber, which holds the air. A solenoid valve releases the air all at once to the barrel which pushes the paintball out.

I bought the valve at the local hardware shop they are commonly used in sprinklers. It runs off 24 VDC which will be 3, 9 VDC batteries linked in series to produce 27 volts.

Complete chamber. The air from the compressor is held in the chamber with a bike valve. The solenoid is at the other end with a hose connecting it to the barrel.

Here it is ... the finished product cost me under 50 Aussie dollars! The only thing left to build is the loader which will be placed over the duct tape on the barrel. Everything hanging off the back will be housed in the Tiger's stowage bin.

To hold the gun in place I made this mantel. On the inside at the top is a setscrew that puts pressure on the barrel to stop it moving. The whole assembly pivots on two bolts. I still have to make a barrel cover.

Because the gun is very light I am using a standard servo for elevation. The second servo is for my loader mechanism. The loader servo is fixed to a brass hinge that allows the gun to be loaded regardless of the elevation of the barrel.

The next two pictures show the loader mechanism doing its job. Here, the gun is ready to be fired.

This picture was taken just after firing when the loader moves forward to allow a paintball to drop into the barrel.

December 2004: The barrel cover is made out of two different size pieces of conduit.

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