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Tank #T029


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Type: M48A3 Patton Armament: 90mm
Built: Spring 2003 Armor: 120mm
Builder: Randy Reynolds Rating: 40/4
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Randy Reynolds Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Grrrunt Points Given: 0
  • Riveted Aluminum Hull
  • Hand-formed Molded Turret
  • EV Warrior drive system
  • Attachment Chain Track

  • My tank is a model of an M48A3 Patton tank. I chose this particular tank because of the elliptical hull with it's "Frogs Nose". The hull is made of .062 aluminum, riveted with aluminum rivets. I began construction in early spring 2003, conforming to the 36" rule, which makes it a 1:7.53 scale model. The hull is 37.5 inches long over the mud skirts and 22.5 inches wide across the same. It will be tall, as most U.S. Tanks are, somewhere between 15 and 16 inches. The turret will be formed from aluminum screen overlaid with fiberglass cloth to achieve the classic domed shape of the Patton.

    The drive system consists of two EV Warriors (24 volts) and two 1:5.30 gearboxes bought used from trash compactors. Two garden tractor batteries will fit in the hull for power. (I added an inch to the hull depth to accomodate the batteries.) The track is #2060 attachment chain bought from Will Montgomery, driven by #60 - 14T steel sprockets on 1/2" drill rod shafts. The suspension consists of springs on the outside of the hull with trailing links that attach to the road wheels.

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    This photo shows the completed hull riveted together using counter-sunk or "flush head" rivets. It is mostly .062 aluminum through out, with the upper and lower nose formed from .032 aluminum. The bottom hull where the trailing links attach is 3/4" square aluminum bar. The rest has 3/4" aluminum angle.

    This shows the EV Warriors on the sides where they will be mounted. The upper hull is hinged to allow as much access as possible.

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    The top view of the hull shows some of the distinctive curves of the Patton tank. The disk in the middle is the bottom of the turret on which a shaped dome will be constructed.

    The nose was hand formed and fitted using very simple methods. I used the support poll (4" pipe) in my basement to effect the "Frogs Nose" of this model. The two halves were gas welded together while on the hull.

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    The back of the tank shows the beginning of some nicely detailed vents and radiator fins. They'll be a little difficult to keep clean, but they'll look great in either case.

    This shows the #2060 attachment chain tracks and the beginnings of the formed turret. The turret is made of aluminum screen wire which is easy to form into smooth curves. It will be painted first in sections with two-part epoxy, then overlaid with figerglass cloth, probably using 4-6 plys.

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    This close-up shows the wheel and suspension arrangement. The springs are surplus springs used on car seats to return the seat-back to an upright position. They come in left and right hand configurations and, best of all, they were only 12 for a dollar.

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