R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T028


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Type: Leopard Armament: 105mm Rheinmetall
Built: Summer 2004 Armor: Classified
Builder: Marc Methorst Rating: 40/4
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Jurre Methorst Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Charly Julliet Points Given: 0
  • Large-scale capable of carrying child
  • Awarded 100 publicity points for newspaper article

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    Not all tanks in the hobby are built exclusively for battling. This Leopard 1 is being built large enough to carry Marc's son around while he's too small to build his own. See www.commandojurre.nl for construction details, photos and field-test video. Select the PROJECT SPEELGOED TANK link and then the cowboy animation for an english translation.

    Two Leopards and two proud owners (of the R/C version) pose for a photo.

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