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Tank #T021


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Type: PzKpfw VI-I Tiger Armament: 88mm
Built: September 2003 Armor: 100mm
Builder: Darren Baker Rating: 40/4
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Darren Baker Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 0
  • Ready For Battle

  • Using a 1/16th scale Tamiya Tiger I as a template I started to build my own 1/6th scale Tiger I for paintball battles. No easy task I might add. My original plan was to build it out of aluminum, then I priced it out at a few metal shops around. Baltic birch ply seemed to be a perfect choice all of a sudden. High number of plys and very tough.

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    The Tiger I is a nice model to scratch build as there aren't any compound angles to deal with.

    There is a mix of 1/2inch and 1/4inch ply in the hull as you can see the front plate is 1/4" while the rest of the hull is 1/2".

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    My 1/16th scale Tiger will fit rather nicely in the center hull of this thing. The two compartments on the sides ought to be real handy for something.

    Finally things are starting to get interesting, my hull is mobile after a few changes and I love it.

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    This is the beast, a 1/6th scale version of the german Tiger I tank. So far the hull is complete and running quite well under R/C control. I am using two 24volt wheelchair motors, a Vantec controller and two 7.5 amp hour batteries. The radio is a Futaba 6XAS PCM radio on 75Mhz surface frequency.

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    A little paint and a few details attatched and it will be great. Everthing is currently operational and all I need is another tank to shoot at. So come on let's get a few canucks together and paste each others tanks.

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