R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T018

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It will not have all the bells & whistles for the fall battle, but the turret is complete and fully functional. Tip for those of you whose wife loves to take you antique shopping: It just so happens that the barrel of my Spyder paintball gun fits perfectly in the old spools that you can find in mostly every antique shopping mall. For $3.00 I got a perfect cover for the barrel made out of wood which made it simple to assemble.

After the Battle in the BadLands, it became apparent that I needed to not only install the upper road wheels but also install flanges on all of the road wheels. A simple " piece of masonite connected to the wheels should do the trick. The picture shows the track without any tension on it with the flange on the road wheels alternating. Hopefully this will keep the Montgomery Track System in place as I motor across the next battleground.

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Here you see the latest in Tri-Pact technology, JTTRS (John's Toyota Turret Rotation System). John "Junk Yard Wars" Pittelli recently acquired an old Toyota rear window windshield wiper motor from a salvage yard. After two failed attempts at creating a turret rotation system using a friction system and then using bicycle sprockets, we designed the JTTRS. The motor drives roller chain between a sprocket mounted to the motor on the underside of the hull and a sprocket mounted to the bottom of the turret. The picture shows the assembled hull lid upside-down. The system seems very stable and should provide for smooth turret rotation.

April 25, 2004: The KV-1 was rolled out for its first rough terrain field test at the secluded Tri-Pact Test Facility. As can be seen in this video, it handled the test course with ease, pushing through tall grass, over deep ruts and even pushing down some small trees. The heavy duty attachment chain is simply unbreakable and the "clack-clack-clack" of the tracks will put fear into the bravest of infantry.
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June 2004: During the first battle of the Maryland Massacre, although the Russians have the Germans out-gunned, the KV-1 takes up a defensive position, ready to retreat whenever necessary. Paul has lots of new systems to test out and he's taking things slowly in the first battle.

September 2004: The KV-1 shows some scars from a weekend of battling during Operation Coxsackie Freedom. The front of the turret was made from wood that couldn't quite hold up to the force of some paintballs shot at close range. Not a major problem, just something that will need some attention during the winter building season.

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October 2006: During Fall Brawl 2006 the KV1 gets hung up on two of the improved tank traps as he attempts to overrun the village defenses. Based on this success and the ease with which they can be produced, we can expect more traps in the future.

January 2007: Combining the gun and the servo tripler was pretty simple once the mount was made, as can be seen in this photo. Even though during the last battle the gun had major malfunctions, the mount has never caused me any issues. Four screws and the complete assembly can be removed from the KV-1 turret.

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With the gun removed from the mount, one can see the servo tripler. The mount was specifically built to accommodate the servo tripler on the left side. The servo tripler moves a small arm that is attached to the gun, raising and lowering the gun based on the servo position. Plenty of swing in a small package.

With the gun and servo removed, the basic skeleton of the gun mount can be seen. Essentially the mount is attached to the front part of the turret by two small hinges. The gun slides into the front assembly and is attached to a small wooden platform with a couple screws.

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