R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T017


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The original kiddie car motor (KCM) drive system has been replaced by EV-X motors with a chain transmission, providing more power and speed.

An Anvilus Speed Controller provides proportional speed control for both motors, along with single-joystick mixing. The heavy-duty wiring (double 10 gauge) ensures no current flow problems between the main batteries, main cut-off switch, 80 amp fuse, speed controller and monitors. A 50 amp connnector (not shown) is used to connect the main battery.

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The underbody of the Panther shows a clean and simple chassis of welded steel tubing. The entire under-carriage can be removed for repair simply by loosening a few bolts. The rugged attachment chain track has held up well over two years of battling, with only a couple broken track pads, which don't really affect performance and are easily replaced.

All buttoned up and ready for battle. The Panther has a flip up turret that makes it real easy to refill paintballs and CO2 during a battle.

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A Hitec PCM 7-channel radio controls everything, although only 5 channels are actually used.

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