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Tank #T015


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Type: Panzer IV Armament: 75mm
Built: Started Mar 2003 Armor: 80mm
Builder: Ray Schwartz Rating: 40/4
Status: Retired; Sold for parts Battles: 0
Owner: Ray Schwartz Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Mosby Points Given: 0
  • Sold for parts

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    The lower hull was built out of 1/2" plywood, with two pieces of plywood screwed together and then both sides were cut out at same time so they would match . The road wheels are 3" wooden toy wheels that were Dremeled to fit the tracking tabs on the tracks. The axle holes were drilled out to 5/8" to take 1/2" nylon bushings.

    The return wheels are 1 1/2" wooden slab wheels, with holes drilled out to 5/8" to take 1/2 nylon bushings for the axles. The pivots for the road wheels are just aluminum flat bar from Lowes with 3 holes drilled in them. It seems to work good so far.

    The tracks and sprockets are from Intralox. I'm planning on using one spocket in the front and one in the rear. So far that's working OK, but I'm leaving room on the square bar to add another spocket if it becomes necessary when the tank moves under its own power. So far it looks like it works ok with one spocket at each end. Thanks to Joe Sommer for the track sample.

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    The upper hull is mounted on one peice of plywood, with the frame screwed to the plywood. I then went back and cut out the space inside the frame to give me more room inside the hull. Then, two peices of plywood where screwed to the frame for the turrent base to give it the right height.

    The roller stays, which I got from Lowes, were heated and beat flat. Then, I increased the slot size to take a 1/2" bolt and increased the length another 1" to give more adjustment. My Wyle E. Coyote school of gunsmith'in Dremel worked great for this. The upper deck will be connected to the lower hull with a hinge in the rear.

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