R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T012

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April 2004: In preparation for a new plastic conveyor track system, replacing the obsolete bicycle chain track, a new under-carriage and hull is constructed. The new under-carriage is more durable than the previous one, with welded support members and 3/8" road wheel axles. A new wooden hull was also built in just a few hours.

With the hull mounted on the chassis, we're ready to start putting everything back together again.

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The return rollers ride on 5/16" bolts that go through the hull sides to provide maximum support. The return rollers were trimmed on a lathe to fit exactly between the alignment tabs on the conveyor track.

The reliable EV Warrior drive system was transplanted from the old hull to the new hull in a couple of hours. Learning from past experiences, a fool-proof tensioning system has been installed to keep the V-belts at their optimum tension. The V-belt drive is needed to allow the motors to fit in the hull properly and to provide some amount of slippage if the cog-driven track locks up.

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With the tracks mounted we're almost ready for a test drive. Since the cog-driven tracks don't really need an tension adjustment, the rear idler wheel was set in the proper place and then bolted directly to the hull. If some extra play is needed in the future, it's a simple matter to elongate the mounting holes.

The business end of the new Panzer IV chassis. If you're a soldier and you see this view, it's time to start running!!!

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April 25, 2004: The Panzer upgrade is complete and field trials begin to tune it up for war. The track system works flawlessly, turning smoothly in rough terrain. The ability to climb over objects is not as good as before because of the slicker treads, but turning is improved and the reliability is superb, as can be seen in the Field Test Video (880Kb).

June 2004: The General catches a ride on the Panzer IV with a great view of the battlefield during the 3rd battle of the Maryland Massacre. The box in front of the General houses John's digital camera, which took gun-view battle videos (see the above link). Although the camera case took a couple direct hits, the camera was well protected and the General was not harmed.

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Feb 1, 2009: In the next few months the venerable PzIV-E will become the Sturmpanzer IV, Brummbar. Upgrades will include, but are not limited to:

1. M1 motors vs EV Warrior
2. 12 or 9 oz Co2 bottle vs4 oz
3. Door lock firing vs servo
4. Cheap Control System vs VG 600

Stay tuned.

The Brummbar fighting compartment is very, very, very roomy. Did I say it was BIG? 18.75" wide at the base, tapers to 15" at the top. 9" high and 17.5" long at the bottom and 11" long at the top. This will allow the gun system to be a totally removable single unit. The plan is to install guide rails on the side that will allow the gun platform to slide in and out with ease.

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