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Tank #T012

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Front view of the Panzer IV with a complete drive system and some of the hull and turret detailing done. Extra plate armor will be added, along with machine guns and various handrails. The asymmetric, multi-faceted turret wasn't the simplest to build, but it gives the tank lots of character.

Side view of the hull, turret and tracks. The small bogey wheels allow lots of suspension details to be easily seen and the 1/4" thick treads look just about right for the scale of the other track system parts. The stubby barrel gives this tank a unique look and makes it easier to move it on and off of the field.

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The completed turret rotates on a 4x4" lazy-susan ball-bearing mounted inside of a wooden ring. A 1.5" PVC pipe connected to the turret base goes through the center of the lazy-susan and is used to drive the turret and pass control and power wires between the hull and the turret systems.

The outer barrel is made from balsa-wood blocks and a cardboard tube that just happens to fit the paintball gun barrel. Everything is sealed with epoxy and securely attached to the gun mantle, which pivots on two bolts that can be easily removed for gun maintenance.

The Mark IV hull complete with extra armor (as was carried by the Ausf E version), front and rear fenders, machine gun, armored viewing port and tow rings.

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The Panzer IV prepares for another round of field trials intended to prepare tank and operator for the grueling battles ahead. The only thing that remains to be done is the application of camo paint.

The drive and track system provides the power needed to clear battlefield obstacles without fear.

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October 14, 2003 - After the last battle, it was determined that the KCMs originally used in the Panzer IV were insufficient for driving through rough terrain. Therefore, a pair of EV Warriors were purchased and installed. A 9:1 reduction was achieved using two sets of #35 chain sprockets and the bicycle chain tracks were re-worked to reduce problems with popped rivets and alignment.

Field tests of the new drive system yielded excellent results, as can be seen and heard in this MPEG Video Clip (1:00 min, 1.3Mb). In fact, the Panzer IV was able to hunt down a rare and elusive prey, as can be seen in this MPEG Video Clip (1:04 min, 1.4Mb).

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October 22, 2003 - Panzer IV has a fresh coat of camo in preparation for the upcoming battle against the Evil Tyng Regime.

October 25, 2003: The Panzer IV is dug into a defensive position near the Red Team home base. From that position, John was able to lay down some mean long-range cover fire that kept the Blue Team wary at all times. See Battle In The Badlands for more details.

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