R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T011


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Here is the gun that is mounted on the turret. It is a standard 7.62 mm machine gun. This was bought in Calgary at a hobby store.

The body and turret of the tank are made out of Baltic birch from 1/8 to 1/4 size. It is glued and nailed or screwed. The entire wooden structure will be fiberglassed to water proof and strengthen the tank.

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This is the turret gear and lazy susan that is attached to the top of the body and the bottom of the turret. The motor is a geared 12 volt ELC motor with an electronic speed control, so the speed and direction are both controlled. The geared was obtained at a surplus store and for a very good price.

This is the paintball gun that has been hacked and cut to fit the turret for elevation, fire and loading ... works very well ... more pictures will follow.

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This is an all aluminum hull that was made at a machine shop. It's worth the $100.00 to get it made.

Note: I am using an Airtronics 6channel surface FM radio with a JEM 12 expander from Ont Canada. It adds 12 on/off or momentary switches to the radio to control operating functions. Great Hobbies of Edmonton AB Canada carries an Airtronics radio 6 channel with a 16 switch already attached to the radio. Something to look into for the added functions that a tank can and should have.

Also, if any one wants a sample of track material or wants track or road wheels made just email me and I will gladly help out. The casting is very easy and cheap.

King Tigre R/C

Leopard R/C

Leopard R/C

Coyote 8-wheel drive armored vehicle. I have the hull and part of the drive train finished.

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