R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T011


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Type: Leopard Armament: 105mm
Built: Started December, 2002 Armor: classified
Builder: Garnet Galenzoski Rating: 40/4
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Garnet Galenzoski Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 0
  • Currently Under Construction
  • Molded Tracks and Wheels

  • I am building a 1/5 scale Canadian Leopard tank that has a paint ball gun, 3 cameras of which two can see in total darkness with the infrared system I am putting on, laser site aiming for the main gun, working lights, search light, actual tank motor and track sounds. I will be using 2 24-volt electric motors connected to 2 old garage door opener gear sets..the speed control will be either from Diverse Electronic Services or Vantec. The motors and speed controller will be air and water-cooled because of the closed area. The road arms are being machined from aluminum, connected to a spring steel suspension system.

    Here is a picture of the road wheel of my 1/5 scale Canadian Leopard tank. The wheel is made in two steps, starting with a rubber mold using 2 part resin, with dye being added to color the wheel. The wheel is then placed in a wooden mold and bolted solid. Black rubber is poured around the resin wheel forming the rubber wheel.

    The resin used duplicates the master piece exactly so any detail wanted is in the wheels. The resin dries in about 30min and has a tensile strength of 3000psi, which is very strong.

    The two halves have a plastic spacer in between them and 4 holes are drilled around the center axle to bolt the 3 pieces together. Roller blade bearings are used on the inside and outside.

    Here is the rubber mold for the inner wheel.

    And this is the wooden mold for the rubber that goes around the inner wheel

    Click Photo For Enlargement (371 Kb)
    Here is the track that is made out of smooth cast resin, with a rubber pad insert. The end caps are from a surplus store and they were the right size and already threaded. The rod used was a 4-40 threaded rod with a groove cut in the end so it could be secured through the threaded end caps.

    This is a wooden mold that is used to make up to 6 feet of rubber pad material, which is then cut to length for each pad.

    I cast the track in molds 4 at a time, it takes about 1/2hr to make 4 track pieces.

    Here is one of the individual track pad molds, with a rubber pad and pins ready for the next pour.

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