R/C Tank Combat

Tank Destroyer #T010


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Type: JgPz 38(t) Hetzer Armament: 75mm
Built: Started October, 2002 Armor: 60mm
Builder: Joe Sommer Rating: 40/3
Status: Operational Battles: 72
Owner: Joe Sommer Points Earned: 165,164
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 139,000
  • Plastic & Aluminum Hull
  • Drill Motor Drive System
  • Anvilus Track Controller (variable speed)
  • Plastic Conveyer Track System

    JgPz 38(t) Hetzer was a cheap, mass-produced tank destroyer based on the out-dated PzKw 38(t) chassis. However, because it carried a 75mm gun and was one of the first AFVs to have significantly sloped armor, it was a very effective anti-tank weapon. The Hetzer was produced in large numbers near the end of WW-II (2,584 produced between April 1944 and May 1945). More drawings are available at Anvilus Machine Works

    The plastic hull was designed for simple, rapid construction using 1/4 inch thick acrylic sheet. Front/rear acrylic armor and framework for balsa side armor have not yet been attached. Tracks are Intralox series 900 mold-to-width flush grid grey polypropylene conveyor belt with tracking tabs.

    Internal components were placed to check spacing but have not yet been mounted. Two 12 VDC cordless electric drills will be powered by a dual H-bridge motor controller using 8 solid state relays. The motors will be connected to dual drive shafts by nylon miter gears.

    The right track has been opened to show the 12 tooth dual drive sprocket and tracking tabs on either side of the road wheels. The conveyor belt is 3.25 inch wide with 1.07 inch pitch.

    The drive shafts and road wheel axles are 1/2 inch DIA steel. The road wheel axles cross the full width under the floor plate for added support. The solid axle mounts are 1 inch by 1 inch acrylic bar bolted to each side of the hull. The hull was reinforced with 1/8 inch aluminum plate at the front flange bearings. The rear idler shaft used for track tensioning is 5/16 inch DIA steel.

    The hull required tapping over 100 holes for 4-40 screws. This view shows the framework for the sloped side and rear quarter-panel armor plates.

    Corrugated cardboard was taped in place to show overall hull shape and armor slope. Front armor will be 1/4 inch thick acrylic sheet and is 30 degrees from horizontal. Rear armor will also be 1/4 inch thick acylic sheet and is 20 degrees from horizontal. Side armor and rear quarter-panels are 45 degrees from horizontal and will be light balsa wood or acrylic sheet.

    Motors, drive sprockets, road wheels and idler wheels were installed for track fitting. Each track required 62 links.

    Two drive sprockets with 1.5 inch square bores were used for each track. The hubs of the sprockets were trimmed to prevent interference with tracking tabs on the inner surface of the tracks. The sprockets were mounted on 1.5 inch square by 3.25 inch long aluminum bar stock that had been center drilled for the 1/2 inch DIA drive shafts. Two 10-32 sets screws were used in each aluminum bar for connection to the drive shafts. Four 1/8 inch DIA radial holes were drilled through the inner hub of each sprocket and into the aluminum bars for roll pins to prevent the sprockets from moving axially along the bars.

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