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Tank #T009


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Type: M5A1 Stuart Light Tank Armament: 37mm
Built: Started October, 2002 Armor: 63mm
Builder: Lief Goodson Rating: 30/3
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Lief Goodson Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 0
  • Currently Under Construction
  • Power-Drill Drive System

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    My Stuart tank with the gun installed. The barrel hasn't been cut to length yet (it's still 24 inches and I'm cutting it to 16 inches).

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    The drive system. I used two Black & Decker cordless screwdriver assemblies. I reinforced the entire drive compartment with 1/16" aluminum plate and pop-rivets (mainly because that's what Will did). I have a simple mechanical rotary throttle with roller switches to kill one motor for turning. I replaced the 2 volt motors in the screwdriver assemblies with 6 volt motors, but I don't think it made any difference. The motors still get real hot! I used epoxy, thin fiberglass and micro-balloons to reinforce the drive hubs. You can see the brown color of the micro-balloons. A hex shaft is epoxied inside each hub - this mates with each screwdriver assembly. I also have a set-screw that passes threw the hub and into a hole in the side of the screwdriver's shaft. The hubs have never failed, but I did strip the plastic gears inside one of the screwdriver assemblies. I replaced the plastic gears with metal ones from an older, higher-quality B&D cordless screwdriver that I had. I haven't had any problems since. At higher voltages, the tank's performance is unbelievable! But the motors get real hot.

    My simple .40 caliber blowgun mechanism. The "interupter" is a Splatomatic. The back has a standard blowgun mouth piece with the conic flange cut off and a 1/8" plexiglass disk inserted inside and sealed. The disk has a 10/32" tapped hole for connecting standard Clippard connectors for the gas system. The Splatomatic's "button" is depressed by the servo (Futaba S148) to load a paintball. I activate it by using the retract channel on the radio. Moving the radio switch up fully depresses the button, which allows a paintball from the magazine to fall into the Splatomatic's cylinder. Moving the radio switch down allows the spring-loaded cylinder to return to its default position with the paintball aligned with the gun tube. The picture shows the 20-shot magazine that comes with the Splatomatic. In the tank I use a mostly horizontal, v-shaped 33-shot "tray" magazine. You can't really tell from the photo, but the Splatomatic is sandwiched between two 1/4" plywood blocks. The barrel end of the Splatomatic rests in a dremeled out cavity. The whole assembly is reasonable small and easily fits inside the from compartment of the Stuart's turret.

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