R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T008


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Type: PzKpfw VI-I Tiger Armament: 88mm
Built: Started November, 2002 Armor: 100mm
Builder: Bryan Boucher Rating: 40/4
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Bryan Boucher Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 0
  • Currently Under Construction
  • Lots of Aluminum

    Here is the start of Tiger 1 that are the two inner side plates that the tracks will be mounted to. They're made of TIG welded 1 inch square aluminum tube.

    This is the gearing that I'm going with. It is a ten tooth on the motor to the big 60 tooth then a 12 tooth to the 24 on the main drive cog.

    The drive motors are 1.5 hp each. In the world of robot combat they are called EV warriors. I used two in my robot Undertow. I got them surplus and I think you can still get them, although I have not looked for them in a year.

    I'm going with a Spyder semi-auto paintball gun. The grip and trigger guard will be cut off. Also, the feed tube will be cut off and moved to help feeding in the tight turret.

    Here's the sweet turret motor that I got on e-bay for $20. It's a little slow but not too bad. The white wires are for the brake.

    Here are the electronic speed controls for the main drive and turret. The one for the drive is a Vantec dual control with channel mixing. Vantecs rule but they are not cheap. The other is an IFI.

    Here you can see the base of the turret about where it should be mounted.

    I have cut off, fliped and rewelded the feed tube on the spyder. The gun will layed on its side in the turret, this will help it to feed more smoothly.

    I mounted the spyder to the front pivet plate and added the rod to keep the gun stable when fired.

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