R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T007

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Two 17 amp/hour batteries driving 2 Saturn windshield wiper motors. 2:1 belt drive reduction. Upper left is the servo and switch section of the speed controller. Below that are the relays. The speed controler consists of 12V reverse, 12V forward and 24V forward.

Track tension system attaches to the idler wheel. A spring loaded draw slide with axle welded at right. For the other side I used a heavy door hinge to replace the draw slide (not shown). Although the hinge isn't as linear as the slide it seems to be a sturdier and more compact design.

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View of the underside turret and top of hull. Saturn motor turns turret with a chain drive at 3:1 reduction. As with all chain drives there is some backlash as it transitions from left to right. The turret ring chain guides are rubber mounted to the blocks. A tensioner for the drive motors sprocket can barely be seen resting against the chain. This is just 2 wood blocks with a spring to pull them towards the chain. It makes a nice clacking noise.

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