R/C Tank Combat

Tank #T007

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Type: PzKpfw VI-I Tiger Armament: 88mm
Built: Started Oct, 2002 Armor: 100mm
Builder: Brian Tomsa Rating: 40/4
Status: Never Completed Battles: 0
Owner: Odyssey Slipways Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: Hack Job Points Given: 0
  • Tragically, Brian died on June 22, 2003 in a kayaking accident

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    The front glancer plate has been corrected to 8 degrees.

    The back view shows the operational engines vents (cool air is a good thing) and some heavy duty hinges for lifting the top of the hull up for maintenance and repair work. The hinges will eventually be covered by something that resembles the exhaust heat shields on the original tank.

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    With the top of the hull lifted up for maintenance, we can see the Saturn 'L' series wiper motors for drive and Ford Escort wiper motor for turret rotation. The drive shaft is from a 70's-80's Snapper self-propelled mower. Under the red tape (aka. grease seal) is a secondary shaft allowing each side to rotate independently.

    A close-up view of the geared motors shows how some bicycle sprockets can be mounted on wind-shield wiper motors to drive the track cogs, which still need to be developed.

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    The initial layout of a paintball marker mounted in the turret. F-4 Illustrator taped to mounting block. Trigger actuator and CO2 tank are shown in aprox. place. The trigger might be run directly off a servo in the future. A cheap cordless drill motor and gearbox runs a screw drive and wedge block to raise the gun. Gravity and a few rubber bands should lower it. 2 proximity switches will be needed. The air line and ball feed are still missing.

    The tracks are made from wood links on bike chains. The 2 non-painted track links are from a 3' rapid deceleration test of the lower hull (ie. it fall off of the table!!). The tracks may be Tool-Dipped in the future as wear develops. ome links are pine some are oak.

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    Wood wheels with 2 skate bearings on 5/16" bolts threaded into a 3/8 aluminum plate attached to the hull side. Hull is " plywood reinforced with 1 or 2 layers of fiberglass on the inside and 1 or 2 layers of fiberglass on the exterior bottom and lower front.

    Turret is fiberglass reinforced " ply top and bottom and fiberglass/ fiberglass pre-preg sides. Fenders are Formica. The mantel was turned upside down after it was discovered the marker had a feed problem.

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    Drive axle, belt drive and belt tensioner. The drive axle has a coupling so each side can move independently. The belt tensioner is primarily to improve the amount of contact area on the 2" pulley rather than to pick up the slack in the belt. The top tensioner axle can be made tighter with the vertical screw.

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