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T5's turret cover is made out of plywood on the top and fiberglass for the sides, back, and front. A male plug was made using the plywood turret base and top plates, which defined the shape of the turret. Floral foam was sandwiched between these pieces, which was then carved and sanded to shape. The plug was then glassed with the expert assistance of Tri-Pact engineers. After the glass set the foam was removed. The turret will receive a skin coat of Bondo and then sanded smooth.

Here's a close-up of the mantlet. It was made out of a piece of cardboard shipping tube that was coated in glue. The barrel is a piece of 1" aluminum tubing.

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The turret top is designed to be easily removed for easy service of the interior. You just lift the back up and it slides forward and up out of the way.

An interior shot of the turret top. Polyester resin was used to make this assembly and polyester does not stick to plywood that well. So a bead of construction adhesive was run around the fiberglass and plywood joint to strengthen it.

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A closer view of the inside-front section of the turret top.

Here's the gun pivot setup. Those side pieces not only hold the mantlet to the base plate but also defined the shape of this section of the turret when carving the foam to shape.

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This is what I came up with to clamp the gun barrel securely in place.

This is the guts from a Brass Eagle Samurai paintball marker which I found at Walmart for $15. My initial plan was to build a custom framework for this assembly and use the PVC pipe and T fitting as a barrel liner, but . . .

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Will Montgomery found these bargain basement guns and with only slight modifications I think it will work fine in "Tiger Killer". With the patented "Tyng Turret Baseplate Mounting System", TTBMS for short, you can see that this marker almost fits as is without any modification.

Here's an overall view of the turret internals. On the top is my MK2 magazine. It holds 40 rounds in two rows and seems to gravity feed quite well. My MK1 magazine was a pvc pipe affair with a CO2 pressure feed. It didn't work very well. In the center can be seen the marker, 4oz CO2 bottle, and elevate servo (1/4 scale Hitec MG705 servo). The electronic assembly is an MD03 reversing speed controller that controls turret rotation. The MD03 was originally bought for the main motor drive but didn' t work out well. Works great for the rotate.

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