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Here's a shot of a drive assembly mounted in place. It's made up of stacked laminations of 3/4" ply. The motor swings on it's mounting piece to tension the drive belt. The belts and pulleys are 3L series (3/8" wide belt) components. The PowerTwist belt can be easily changed to different lengths while I test different pulley size configurations. In the background can be seen the two Dentronics MD03 motor controllers. In actual practice these controllers have not worked as I had hoped. They are self limiting to 20amps and this appears to be limiting T005's mobility on the first couple of test runs. I'll be upgrading to a relay based system in the near future. The controllers are mounted on a hinged piece that holds the batteries securely in place. Tiger Killer can mount two 12volt 17 amp batteries or two smaller batteries.

A shot of a drive assembly on the bench.

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In this shot you can see the 9 tooth drive sprocket which protrudes outside the hull when mounted in place. The bearings used are non-precision press fit roller bearings that are used in wheelbarrow wheels and such. You can get them at mower repair places and well stocked hardware and farm supply stores for a couple of bucks apiece. You won't find them at Home Depot.

A word on my motors. They are Minertia brand servo motors that I scavenged out of some old printers several years ago. Their rated at 22.5 volts and have good torque when connected directly to a battery. Not so good when running on those MD03 controllers.

Here's a close-up of the turret base plate.

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The turret mounts to the hull with three custom grooved rollers mounted on the underside of the turret. The grooves wrap around the edge of the circular cutout on the top of Tiger Killers hull. They were cut out of some 2" nylon stock by the Frank Lathe Master Pittelli. My daughter donated some old roller blades (with their bearings) for the cause.

The turret is rotated with a friction drive. The rear roller has rubber tape wrapped around it and is driven by this 24volt gear motor. So far in tests it works pretty well.

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The turret drive roller is spring tensioned by this setup. As a side note, this turret mounting system I came up with gives you the ability to easily remove the turret from the tank. I can foresee using this feature to use the turret in a fixed bunker emplacement or even in another hull.

The T-34 is prepared for its initial field trial at the Tri-Pact Proving Grounds with a fully operational drive and track system.

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At Home!!! The T-34 moves through the snow just like it's full-scale cousin. The treadmill belt track system has no problem getting traction in the snow, although the drive system is under-powered for the first trial. Once that problem is resolved, it's time for a winter battle.

T5 has a turret!

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