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The scale drawings for the Tyng T34-85 Tiger Killer (shown here) were used to create a complete set of engineering plans using a CAD program. See T34-85 Plan Set to view the plan drawings used to build this vehicle.

The hull is built as a single structure. It is 38" by 12 " wide and 8" high. It is constructed out of " 7 ply birch plywood; everything is dadoed and glued together and has turned out to be very stiff. The triangular pieces on the side are supports for the sloped side armor and mud skirts that have yet to be applied.

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In the rear I have temporarially placed the drive motors. I have been saving these for just such a project. These are 24volt low speed DC traction motors I scavenged out of some old dot matrix printers. I plan on having the FASTEST tank on the battlefield!

On the top is the 11" diameter turret cutout. The turret will be a self-contained unit that will have everything but the drive system and speed controllers. There will be a custom rotary electronic interface for turret power supply and the control leads going to the speed controllers.

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The front and rear axles were also scavenged out of old printers. The rear axle is solidly mounted to the chassis and the front axle, as can be seen here, will be adjustable with a tensioning mechanism I have yet to come up with. The drive and idler wheels will rotate freely on these shafts. The drive wheels will be turned by a chain and sprocket setup.

Plenty of room for batteries!

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The mounting I've come up with for the road wheels consist of " bolts for the axles bolted to 1 " 1/8" thick aluminum angles. The angles will be bolted to the hull. I hope this system will provide a reliable and robust system with minimum parts count that could be adapted for future tanks in the hobby.

Another view of an axle mounting. The axle bolts were chucked into a drill press and polished with a Brillo pad. Steel wool would have worked fine also.

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Here is one of the angles sitting on the side of the hull. The smaller holes are for bolting the angle on. The larger holes allow space for the inside axle nuts to reside. You may have noticed that the triangle shaped pieces for the side armor have been removed. These were getting in the way of this phase of construction so were knocked off.

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