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Tank #T003


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Type: M5A1 Stuart Light Tank Armament: 37mm
Built: February 2002 Armor: 63mm
Builder: Will Montgomery Rating: 30/3
Status: Under Construction Battles: 0
Owner: Will Montgomery Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: ??? Points Given: 0
  • Bought at a big discount from a toy-store because a couple of parts were missing!!!

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    Modelers are always looking for a great deal on something that can be used to save time and Will Montgomery found a great deal on this plastic tank built for the new breed of GI-Joes. The tank is built in 1/6 scale plastic and has a nice rubber track. For the small amount of money spent, the model has more than enough detail and a reasonable structure that can be beefed up as needed. It might not be the most durable tank in the long-run, but it will certainly taste a view battles before it is used for target practice.

    As shown here, the drive wheels are in the process of being reinforced with metal hubs inside and out, secured by three bolts that go completely through the wheels. A 1/2 steel shaft connects the wheels to two drive 6-12 volt motors. The plastic wheels are reasonably sturdy, although it's hard to tell how they'll hold up on rough terrain. If one of them breaks, the other will be used to make molded replacements out of something more durable, like epoxy and kevlar pulp, or will be traced onto metal plates for cutting.

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    The Stuart is driven by a pair of relatively inexpensive 6-12 volt geared motors acquired from a surplus catalog. The motors produce about 200 RPMs driving a slotted 1/2 shaft. The shafts ride on bearings mounted in the center of the hull and on bronze bushings through the hull sides. Will sandwiched the sides and bottom of the plastic motor compartment with aluminum plates, secured with rivets, to ensure that the motors have something strong supporting them. Additional bracing can be added in the future as needed.

    This photo was taken from underneath the turret looking up to see how a 40 cal blowgun assembly can be mounted in the Stuart. The blowgun mechanism is inexpensive, quite compact and can be modified to operate under remote control. The blue tube is the blowgun barrel, which fits nicely inside of a copper pipe 'T' assembly which is used to elevate the gun. An aluminium lever arm is mounted to the 'T' assembly to allow the elevate servo to do its job.

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    The 40 cal blowgun has a revolver style selector mechanism that allows a simple flat magazine to be used, while still only firing one paintball at a time. In normal operation, the rotary selector is advanced by pressing a button with your thumb. Under remote control, the button is pressed by a servo to load a paintball and another servo is used to activate the CO2 valve to fire the paintball.

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