R/C Tank Combat

Support Vehicle #SV017

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Type: HMMWV Armament: None
Built: January 2012 Armor: None
Builder: Desert One Rating: 0/1
Status: Operational Battles: 0
Owner: Desert One Points Earned: 0
Call Sign: unknown Points Given: 0
  • Modified R/C vehicle
  • Thanks to P.U.F.F. for Sabretooth ESC

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    First generation 21st Century Humvee with bed cover removed and battery moved to between frame rails. The tires have the hard plastic inner structure replaced with foam for more tire conformity to the terrain. Colters cargo carrier is meant to keep weary battlers from shooting at it so they may get their much needed coffee breaks.

    All original electronics replaced with a Sabertooth 2x25. New battery tray fabricated from scrap sheet metal. Radio is an inexpensive (about $15.00 USD) Hobby King 2.4ghz wheel radio. I would like more powerful motors but am not sure the transmissions could take it.

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